Leading across culture – The Asian work style

Every country has a specific style of leadership that they follow in order to be global leaders. Taking into account how culture, personality and behaviour incorporates into their work style.

Asian companies have become a prime example for foreign businesses to understand how they are growing internationally. Particularly, the focus tends to be mainly on individuals leading across cultures and creating a change in the work culture altogether.

What makes Asian businesses a roaring success?

One of the most well-known companies in Asia, Samsung, provides diverse programmes like arts, music and history for the top management mainly to make them more aware of what is really happening in the world. This allows them to hone their skills and knowledge which they can then utilize in their respective roles and innovative strategies.

The companies in Asia Pacific have a very contrasting attitude overall when it comes to doing business across borders. They tend to spend time learning and visiting their peers which has quite a strong effect on the way they manage their own employees as-well. According to a survey conducted by Hay Group, Asian organisations are open to fresh ideas and believe in trusting their employees with the work that they are required to do.

Having said that, some may argue that their leadership style may not be suitable while leading across culture. A survey was conducted that showed that the top five firms in Asia prefer a dictatorial leadership style, which can either work or be potentially damaging to the company.

In spite of standing out amongst other global companies in their way of communication, Asian companies shine in the way they treat their employees. As a result, there is a striking growth and success in these top firms. The hunger for innovative ideas and best possible implementations seen in Asian businesses show a distinctive management style that has proven to be quite effective. Although the dominating leadership style found in Asian organisations may seem negative and unapproachable, their overall performance and creativity is something that intrigues the Western countries.

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