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From online experiences where we guarantee joyful connections with your colleagues wherever they are, to fully immersive experiences with expert facilitation. At Jambar we have an experience type to fit your every need.

Top 100 companies like Shell trust us with their employees team building activities


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Trusted by Singapore as well as internationally. We deliver innovative Team Building games, Team Development activities and workshops that energize, unleash creativity, enhance collaboration and boost fun for whatever event you envision.

Jambar Team Building believes that it takes a special team of people to deliver extraordinary and memorable corporate events.

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When you engage us for your event, your life becomes easy as we are fast to respond, attentive to details, original and vibrant when delivering your event. Hence, let us be the one to plan a day full of fun corporate activities just for you!

Fun Team Building can be the key to open the door to creative positivity in any organisation. Your company can easily benefit from our teambuilding games!

Taken from over thousand responses, participants gave us a rating of 9+ over three different metrics for all our events


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Jambar Team Building has organised team building programs for companies from all the major industries in Singapore and Worldwide. Beside are some of the top clients in our portfolio.

Team Bonding or Team Building?

Team bonding and team building have a lot of similarities but there are two major differences between them. One is the activity type and the other is facilitation. Team building focusses on delivering the objectives to the team by incorporating fun and learning into the activities. The facilitators help teams in communicating and collaborating better with each other, which in turn reflects in the work they do, post team building. Team bonding just involves fun and bonding between the team members.

Watch our video to get a better understanding of both terminologies.

Jambar Leadership Podcast is based on leadership and the idea to help younger people become better leaders faster by missing out on some of the pitfalls that previous leaders might have fallen into. We interview great leaders from all over the world to bring you knowledge & insights from their experiences that can help you learn and avoid making the same mistakes in your leadership journey.

Why Jambar?

We at Jambar believe that team building and team bonding activities are the modern solution to break the barriers in a strict corporate environment and optimize productivity through an extremely cohesive team effort. We believe in growing everyday and reaching new heights through channelling exceptional talent and creativity in the form of our incredible and out of the box services. From the best team building activities and innovative team bonding practices to top of the line corporate events, we have a wide variety of high end products and services that are popular all across Singapore.

Corporate Team Building

We are successful in running Team Building events for corporate companies in and around Singapore. Our corporate team building programs have proven to boost efficiency and produce positive results enabling to march towards the success path. Corporate Team Building requires a special focus on how the objective is delivered, we specialise in customising your events to incorporate your objectives and deliver them successfully to your team. Give us a call to know more about the amazing team building ideas we have in stock.

Team Building Ideas

Our In-house Creative Team generates team building ideas that caters to the team bonding needs of modern world. Creativity and collaboration are two key elements used to achieve optimal team performance. We design our team building activities with those two key elements, along with incorporating fun and learning to deliver your objectives. Explore the variety of options we have on outdoor team building as well as indoor team building. Excited to know more about team building ideas? Get a quote now.

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Great Testimonials

“It was a really fun experience and it clearly showed the effort and passion put into this. Thank you for bringing smile on our faces :)”

“I really liked this event a lot, the time spent together was great and passed super rapidly, thank you!!”

“Fun, easy, efficient way to break the ice even remotely!”

“Well prepared, lot’s of fun, I really liked it.”

“I enjoyed the activities. It is a good way to connect with colleagues when you can’t physically gather.”

“Good thoughts to the virtual session and I like the idea of breakout rooms. With smaller group, people tend to communicate with ease.”

“Creative and innovative!”

“Thank you Jambar! I had a good experience. Keep it up!”

“This is fun and engaging, creative way to team building. Thank you.”

“A very new and interesting experience for me to join the team building event online.”

“A Job well-done, even in such tough times where we can’t hold the event F2F but your team got everyone of us engaged and we enjoyed it.”

“Thank you for the session :)”

“Really enjoyed the escape room activity.”

“Great session to bond with colleagues I have never met.”

“Would love to see more company events organised by this company.”

“Amazing and interesting way to enjoy virtually. Thanks to the team that made it possible.”

Over 8 Years of Corporate Team Building Experience

We have been running Team Building events for corporate companies all around the world for over 8 years now.

Our Facilitators

James Mclauchlan

James has been changing lives through facilitating events, public speaking and leading programs in Singapore since 2010. After he graduated in 2005 with a Masters degree in Engineering and French, James lived and worked in Malaysia, France, Sweden and Singapore. His ability to easily relate to groups and individuals has led him to become a sought after facilitator both in Singapore and worldwide. In 2012 he left his corporate job and co-founded Jambar with his partner Barbara.

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Barbara Maneschi

Barbara has been facilitating team building events, corporate training and coaching programs in Singapore since 2010. Before becoming a full time trainer and business owner she worked for 11 years in Private Banking and lived in Switzerland, New York, Taiwan and Singapore. Barbara speaks fluently 4 languages and her international exposure naturally gave her the ability to relate easily to multicultural groups and individuals. In 2012 Barbara co-founded Jambar with her partner James; together they fast grew an excellent team and won the award of Best Promising SME 500 in Singapore repetitively in 2014 and 2016.

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Personality/Behavioural Profiling

Personality Profiling can provide a way to better understand yourself, your preferences, blind spots and different characteristics or traits that you might otherwise not be aware of. These tests can be used for self-reflection and understanding and for learning how to better interact with others in a team or work group.

Case Study : Driving Idea Generation in Teams

What hinders us from generating new ideas?

Idea generation in teams can be daunting sometimes, especially in corporate teams. The every day stress can sometimes levy a huge toll on employees that hinders growth and creativity. Another common issue corporate teams face is sharing their ideas with each other, particularly in strict and professional environments, people often think that their ideas might be bad and that people may not like them. It’s important to recognise these problems and come up with solutions that can break the barriers that are holding the employees back from being more creative and comfortable sharing their ideas.

This was one of the problems a company was facing when they asked us to organise a team building for them. We met-up with them a couple of times to discuss and adapt the program to suit with their objectives. We broke it down into several areas, focusing on idea generation, completion and sharing of ideas with other people. Then we did a self reflection activity called ‘Breaking Barriers’.

We brought 200 different pieces of wood down with us. We asked people to think about what was hindering them from thinking creatively and sharing their ideas. They wrote about that on one side of the wooden board. On the other side they wrote about what they could do more of in order to generate more ideas and be more comfortable doing that.

We then asked them to visualise how they would feel like if they broke through those barriers that are holding them back. Then after saying “1,2,3”, and “yes”, we broke the wooden board in half, breaking in half the tough parts and leaving complete how they like to be different.

The experience was incredible, as we finished, everyone was coming up to us and saying thank you and that they really enjoyed it. Watch our video above to see how team building can help in idea generation.

Team Building Event Highlights

  • Customised full day team building event for 200 people
  • Created opportunities for idea generation and sharing of new ideas
  • Participants broke through their barriers by physically breaking wooden planks
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