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Virtual Team Building

Build stronger and more meaningful connections online with your team. Enhance your teams ability to connect while WFH, and drive powerful outcomes to positively impact your team.

Virtual Diamond Heist

A one of a kind exciting virtual adventure game designed on our own platform. Experience the interactive game play with a deeply embedded story line that is equal parts thrilling and challenging.

We have organized over 10,000 team building events for some of the top companies locally and around the world

Jambar Clients

Virtual Team Building Events

Fully virtual team building events with collaborative activities developed on our own platform.

Jambar Virtual Team Building Event

“A Job well-done, even in such tough times where we can’t hold the event F2F but your team got everyone of us engaged and we enjoyed it.”

“It was a really fun experience and it clearly showed the effort and passion put into this. Thank you for bringing smile on our faces :)”

Trending Virtual Team Building Activities

Physical Team Building Events

Outdoor or indoor face to face physical team building experiences that encourage fun, connection and bonding.

Physical Team Building Event

“A fun full day of productivity and meeting our key objectives as one team.”

“Jambar team pulled off a memorable team building experience for us. They catered to our objective and preference within a tight timeline without compromising the quality. Keep up the great work and all the very best!”

Trending Physical Team Building Activities

One Stop Shop

We can arrange as much or as little of your event as you need.

Virtual Team Building Experience

You may want us to purely run the team building and nothing else. However, many of our clients like to be as hands off as possible, so as soon as you engage us we take over the majority of your workload. This includes, event fliers and marketing, use of our own Zoom/Microsoft Teams/Cisco Webex accounts for the team building itself. Following up post event with photos and videos. This also means you can participate and have fun with your team on event day if you want to!

Other elements we can handle include arranging the group into teams, food delivery, prizes, vouches and more. Lastly, every item is wrapped up in one convenient invoice to you. It couldn’t be easier.

Physical Team Building Experience

Physical Team Building

When running face to face events in person, we often help our clients with venue booking, F&B arrangements, ordering prizes, collaborate with site visits and even help you secure better prices with some of our regular vendors. Everything can be booked through us and you receive one simple invoice at the end!

Of course if you have already all that arranged and organised then simply tell us the time and the place and we will be there!

Check out what our clients have to say about us

We consistently beat the expectations of our clients by delivering fun and unique experiences to the participants.

Last Friday was Play InDay at LinkedIn, and we sure had loads of fun dancing and laughing as we “traveled” to numerous countries on our Virtual Amazing Race. Thanks Jambar Team Building for the fun afternoon and I’m elated to see how both Barbara Maneschi and James Leonard Mclauchlan have built highly energetic teams who can successfully facilitate virtual team-bonding activities in these unique times!

Great opportunity and experience to have been involved in a Virtual Team Building program for our SG colleagues at Tech Data. Through this program, we achieved our objective in encouraging and allowing colleagues to familiarize with each other, promoting interactions and working together as a team to achieve a common goal and win BIG. Thanks to Jambar Team Building for customizing the program catering to our objective. Great team to work with! ❤️

Other Programs & Offerings

We offer various other programs that improve the performance and productivity of teams.

Hybrid Team Building Events

Hybrid Team Building

We at Jambar believe that team building and team bonding activities are the modern solution to break the barriers in a strict corporate environment and optimize productivity through an extremely cohesive team effort.

From the best team building activities and innovative team bonding practices to top of the line corporate events, we have a wide variety of high end products and services that are popular all across Singapore.

Jambar Virtual Games Platform

Jambar Virtual Platform

Guaranteed Original – Our own virtual platform that allows us to take control of the activities you play with us.  You won’t find any of our activities offered by anyone else.

Design Quality – Our design experience allows us to create virtual activities that feel complete and are fun for your team

New Activities Often – we can create and release activities when we choose, allowing you to have new exciting option each time you come back to us.

Multiple Events – Package Deals

With 2021 looking much like 2020, the world and Singapore is still in transition to whatever the new norm will become.

With many of your team still working remotely, mental health is still a top priority. Part of this is arranging regular non work related virtual meet ups.

Have a chat to our sales team about our multi event packages, flexible to your team’s schedule, friendly on the budget, but most importantly, our events keep your team regularly connected.

Personality Profiling Workshops

Personality Profiling can provide a way to better understand yourself, your preferences, blind spots and different characteristics or traits that you might otherwise not be aware of. These tests can be used for self-reflection and understanding and for learning how to better interact with others in a team or work group.

Ask our our virtual profiling sessions, perfectly crafted to maximum the benefits that a virtual environment can bring, while acknowledging the differences between face to face and virtual.

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We post stories related to Team building, Employee engagement, Company culture, Working in teams and the Future of work.

Why Jambar

Top 100 companies like Shell trust us with their employees team building activities.

Our Approach

We at Jambar believe that team building and team bonding activities are the modern solution to break the barriers in a strict corporate environment and optimize productivity through an extremely cohesive team effort.

We believe in growing everyday and reaching new heights through channelling exceptional talent and creativity in the form of our incredible and out of the box services. From the best team building activities and innovative team bonding practices to top of the line corporate events, we have a wide variety of high end products and services that are popular all across Singapore.

Our Facilitators

The facilitator makes or breaks your event. Jambar Team has a tight knit group of highly qualified facilitators with outstanding knowledge and experience to ensure we make your event a great success.

Whether that team building event is physical, virtual, or hybrid. We intentionally don’t have 100’s of facilitators because there is no way to ensure the overall quality and delivery. You will always know who your facilitator is before your team building event and if you would like a chat with them, simply let us know – in fact they prefer to talk to you before the event to help align, style, goals and objectives.

Corporate Team Building Experience

We are successful in running Team Building events for corporate companies in and around Singapore. Our corporate team building programs have proven to boost efficiency and produce positive results enabling to march towards the success path.

Corporate Team Building requires a special focus on how the objective is delivered, we specialize in customizing your events to incorporate your objectives and deliver them successfully to your team. Give us a call to know more about the amazing team building ideas we have in stock.

In-house Team Building Ideas

Our In-house Creative Team generates team building ideas that caters to the team bonding needs of modern world. Creativity and collaboration are two key elements used to achieve optimal team performance.

We design our team building activities with those two key elements, along with incorporating fun and learning to deliver your objectives. Explore the variety of options we have on outdoor team building as well as indoor team building. Excited to know more about team building ideas? Get a quote now.

Employee Engagement took a big hit in 2020

“As low as 15% of employees are actively engaged globally.” – State of the Global Workplace report, Gallup

According to Gallup’s Global Workplace report, 85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work. The economic consequences of this global “norm” are approximately $7 trillion in lost productivity.

In contrast, Gallup found that in 2019, the percentage of “engaged” workers in the U.S., those who are highly involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace, reached 35%.

Employee engagement continues to be driving factor for high work productivity. Our team building programs are designed to enhance employee engagement by using innovative gamification techniques that make everyone in the team interact with each other to solve complex challenges.

Our Team Building Case Studies

Observations & learnings from our team building programs.

Giving Your Team a Great Boost with Jambar’s Visual Thinking Workshop

Communicating ideas clearly and making quick decisions are foundations in building a successful team. With digital transformation that’s rapidly changing business landscapes, it is essential for teams to stay agile, focused, and see the bigger picture. How do teams achieve this? The answer lies in “Visual Thinking”.

Visual thinking is a growing trend in the business world. Also known as “thinking in pictures”, it engages the brain’s ability to organize thoughts, form new ideas, and recall complex details. This results to better problem solving, and a more effective time management. Silicon Valley, Stanford D-School, and Facebook are among the organizations that promote visual thinking strategies.

Zooming into a more localized context, Singapore’s Google Team wastes no time in boosting their team’s visual thinking skills and engages Jambar Team Building, a corporate team building provider in Singapore, for a customized visual thinking workshop virtually. With a successful outcome for the event, here are some of the highlights of Google’s Visual Thinking workshop with Jambar.

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Virtual Sketch Noting

Swiss Re Strengthens Bond with Team Amidst Pandemic through Jambar’s Virtual Amazing Race

We all know a fact, that an engaged workforce is key to having a strong, resilient, and successful business. Employees report experiencing better well-being and lower stress, when they are feeling engaged.

Greatly achieved through the support of the CEO and senior executives, initiatives like team building activities play an important role in maintaining employee engagement.

However, the recent global pandemic cause a big disruption leading to the decline of employees’ well-being. People’s feelings of anxiousness, stress, and fatigue skyrocketed, and a dire need to innovate and adapt became a much greater necessity. Thus, a new norm started taking shape: going virtual.

As a premium corporate team building provider in Singapore, Jambar Team Building successfully adapts and innovates in this atypical norm. We deeply recognize the vital role of employee engagement and well-being in organizations and so we exerted our effort, focus, and attention in creating engaging and powerful virtual team building activities.

One of our many successful virtual team building events was with Swiss Re, held last 11 December 2020.

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SwissRe Team Building