Team Building activities 22

A Day with Zuellig Pharma!

Jambar Team Building meets Zuellig Pharma for another great Wild Goats Challenge in Clarke Quay – January 2015

After many Team Building activities played around this beautiful sunny island with some of the most renewed local and international companies, this time round, we had the honour of running an event for a group of enthusiastic and zealous people from Zuellig Pharma.


Their aim was to “Increase Collaboration” and so we customized our flagship activity, the Wild Goats Challenge, with a lot of challenges that required the teams to work together to achieve certain objectives.


To heat the atmosphere up, our Jambar’s Lead Facilitator Barbara Maneschi immediately managed to engage the participants by gathering them in a large circle and kick-start with a warm up activity that involved attentively listening to the instructions of jumping in different directions without making any mistake. This section totally cracked the participants up with their wide grins and hearty laughs.


The momentum was constantly upbeat as the Wild Goats Challenge started off with a bang, with approximately 60 people buzzling around different corners of Clarke Quay, overcoming together the challenges being posted to them via a tablet previously provided to each team.


Teams were scattered around the location taking photos of the teams forming human pyramids, solving puzzles, finding clues, sharing their knowledge and helping each other to solve the challenges to double their points.


After 90 minutes of brains squeezing and low impact physical activities the group reunited at Fern & Kiwi, for a nice drink together while eagerly waiting for the announcement of the winning team.


Before the grand finale, a beautiful musical photo slideshow showing the best photos taken during the event was projected. Focused eyes, shy looks and some amused facial expressions with occasional giggles surfacing on the participants’ faces could be seen all around the room, proving the success and the enjoyment of the event.

Finally, the best teams were awarded according to different categories, from the most creative team (who had to draw a portrait of their team) to the best actors (who had to act for 1 minute in from of one of the organizer, mimicking the scene of a movie played on the tablet) to the most collaborative team.


It was another of those successful event where we saw the participants leaving and thanking us not only for the fun but for the great take always and lessons learned through the activities, the debriefing and the teachings of our lead facilitator.