Great Company Culture

How can you encourage your boss to pay more attention to you?

Have you been working your socks off lately? Are you even doing overtime to shed the increasing workload? Are you putting in a whole-hearted effort to make a difference at your organization?

But still, after clocking in all those extra hours and having an unmistakably dedicated approach towards your professional development your boss always ends up ignoring you. Fret not! It is a very common workplace dilemma.

Due to the increasing level of competition in the corporate world, getting yourself noticed and standing out in a crowd of highly talented people can be a real challenge. But no task is big enough to crush your motivation and positivity. Here are some time tested and fool proof tips to encourage your boss to pay more attention to you.

1) Punctuality and Optimising Profits

This might be a boring cliché, but it hasn’t gone out of demand. Never give your boss the slightest chance to charge you with irresponsible behaviour by handing in your projects before time. More so, if you want to stand out, go an extra mile to develop a feasible strategy that helps maximise profits at each step. Trust this, every boss favours an employee who can bring in large profits in a short amount of time.

2) Plan ahead of your boss

Don’t strive to be an ordinary employee by just doing what’s assigned to you. Get to know your boss’s plan of action and make a list of tasks that are next in line. And to really show him that you are putting in your best effort, develop drafts and plans for any upcoming projects. Not only will this give you a much beneficial heads up but will send out clear clues to your boss that you are indispensable to the company. And if your strategies turn out excellent and you continue to put in a consistent effort, your boss will learn to rely on your more. Who knows he might even be planning to give you a promotion in near future.

3) Don’t fake it in the workplace

You are a simple human being and are not supposed to excel at everything you do. There are going to be mistakes and a reasonable boss would be willing to ignore them. But stay clear of making big commitments and claims about things that you have no background knowledge about. Be honest and accept your mistakes. But don’t just stop there. To make up for the loss and to show your boss that you are capable of making a great improvement, deliver stellar projects that surpass your competitors in both quality and market awareness. Such an effort is hard to miss, even for a boss who is always busy.

4) Stay clear of advertising your problems

Workplaces are busy environments where every single minute counts. And showing up at your bosses room with a new problem everyday can guarantee a quick unemployment ticket. So, to secure your job and more importantly to rise up the corporate ladder, stay clear of advertising your problems. Work hard and come up with viable solutions before hand. Plus, to maximise your chances of getting a positive nod from a strict boss, step up to solve the problems of your counterparts and make sure that your boss notices it. Every company needs a reliable problem solver and don’t miss the chance to become one.

Last but not the least, avoid conflicts in the workplace by limiting your socializing during office hours. Stay focused and play to your strength. More so, learn to predict your boss’s expectations without any explicit clues from him. Adapt to different work roles and offer to fill in gaps and prove yourself to be dedicated, competent and positive. And most importantly, stay confident and learn to use criticism to your best advantage. These traits are not only great to sky rocket your career graph but will surely help you garner all the praise and due attention from your boss.