disk personality test


Have you ever heard of a non-judgmental tool that is used in discussing the difference in people’s behaviour? If yes then the term DISC needs little or no introduction to you. If otherwise, pay attention to every detail of the article.

What is DISC?

DISC is a term majorly used in corporate boardrooms and it stands for Dominance’, ‘Influence’, ‘Steadiness’ and ‘Conscientiousness’. With the DISC profile, you are able to understand how humans react to different behaviours. DISC is also an effective decision-making tool in management because of its benefits across a range of different business functions.

It is also important to add that DISC is not a personality test but a measure of a person’s natural, hard-wired style of behaving. With DISC, you can become more successful in your personal and professional life.

The bottom line: DISC is an assessment tool that helps organisations, individuals and teams to become better by giving easy information on how behaviours can be modified.


The DISC profile is developed from the answers gotten from the DISC test questions. The result gotten from the DISC assessment is what is tailored to your unique preference and need. In Disc profiling, you are not forced to choose any off-shelf report.

The assessments are custom made for different niches, jobs and industry with the most relevant information needed by the employee. The assessment can be tailored for content colours, logos, pictures. Pages, lengths, order etc. so as to provide the most user friendly and most applicable assessment.

After completing the DISC assessment, the result is provided with the aim of modifying behaviours.


When it comes to psychometric assessment and behavioural analysis, the DISC personality test remains one of the best known and widely used. The reason is because of its effectiveness and impact in helping companies and organisations accomplish their goals and objectives.

After the DISC personality test, the result and profile provides a common language that can bring about understanding among teammates. DISC personality works by:

  • Increasing self knowledge on what can stress you, how you react and respond to conflict, ho you can tackle issues/ problems and also what inspires or motivates you to get better.
  • Fostering a better working relationship and teamwork due to better communication


Disc Assessment offers invaluable benefits to companies. The benefits can only be appreciated after a trial. While you are planning a DISC assessment for your employees, here are some benefits your company can enjoy from the assessment:

Makes hiring decision better

The test and profiling gives your company (hiring manager) an insight on what drives different candidate and allows you to make a decision based on the data that can envisage the future job performance of a candidate.

Boost productivity of employees

The DISC personality test and profiling allows your company (the managers and supervisors in charge) identify the soft skill gap between the real psychometric profile of an employee and the perfect psychometric profile of any role. Once the soft skill gap can be identified, DISC test and profile data can be used to close the gap using a developmental plan.

Cohesion, cooperation and communication among team members is improved

The DISC personality test and profile helps team mates understand and adapt to the communication preference of other members in the team. It also eliminates misunderstanding, miscommunication and conflict among members of the team.

Employee retention is improved

Once the right people willing and able to the job are hired, and misunderstanding, miscommunication and conflict is eliminated, your company will be growing at the speed of light.

As a result of the versatile application of DISC personality in developing human resources, DISC personality and profile should be an important and standard tool in companies and organisations toolkit. Considering the fact that it can help your company/ organisation overcome issues like team conflict, low productivity, hiring mistakes and lots more, DISC personality test and profiling should be appreciated.

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