7 Ways To Solve A Conflict With Your Team

Conflicts. Some of the worst moments when tensions are high in a team and the slightest spark inevitably leads to the largest possible blaze. Furious glances across the conference table, screaming matches in the hallway, all those situations that make you wish you were a tiny speck in existence right about to disappear (if you aren’t involved, of course). Yes, the joys of team conflicts!

Yet, conflict can be a healthy part of team communication. For one, it can can spark creativity. Also, it can provoke discussion, leading to better results.

So how do YOU tend to communicate during a conflict?

Here are 7 ways to deal with conflict in a positive way:


Remember, diversity is good– especially when it comes to Triggers! Teams with a diverse range of Triggers have a balance of communication styles, which can resolve or discourage  conflicts.

How do you communicate in a way that contributes, rather than contaminates?

Credits to Sally and Team Fascinate for this wonderful article.