How you can get more value from your Team Building Experience ?

If you go to google right now and type “positive outcomes of team building”, you will see tons of results; 8,670,000 of them to be exact. Crazy number, isn’t it? Now let’s look through some of the most amazing effects of an effective team building:

“our employees have become more open in communicating”


“definitely strengthened our teamwork”


“challenged us to think critically and use our problem solving skills”


“now able to manage conflict more effectively”


“didn’t know my colleagues are actually interesting, definitely allowed us to have fun and know each other better!”

No wonder most companies and organizations are always keen in paying for corporate team building events! In fact, a stunning analysis of over 103 studies in the span of 50 years supported that team building indeed has a positive effect on perceptions and attitudes on its participants.

If your company is engaging team building services, you are definitely on the right track. But think about this for a moment, you notice that after quite some time, these effects seem to subside and behaviors eventually go back to what people are used to, silos are building up and teams from different divisions and regions are disagreeing all over again. The magic seemed to have worn off.

The Pulling Whirlwind Effect

 Jambar Team Building calls this phenomenon the “pulling whirlwind effect”. This is a situation when counterproductive behaviors, after being positively improved through experiential interventions (e.g. team building activities, simulations), return back to their original state due to the whirlwinds like demands of the job, situational stressors and personal resistance to improve. These whirlwinds pull a person or a team back to what it is comfortable with.

After running 800 team building events with over 40, 000 satisfied clients, we found that a positive effect of team building sustains itself within the group for at least two months and will start subsiding on the third month. A common way of handling this situation is to engage another team building session. This cycle although common, can be pricey.

Jambar Team Building is aware of this and so we developed a tool that can help prolong the positive effects of team building. Introducing, the Jambar Digital Handbook.

In creating this, we have three main purposes in mind:

  1. To provide candid observations of the team behaviors occurring in the team building experience from the facilitator perspective.
  1. To serve as a reference for your training and development plans and strategies based on the facilitator prescription – where action plans and workshops are suggested.
  1. To properly document the experience and provide you with more value other than just the fun side of team building.

We use different tools, methods, and concepts to encapsulate all these into a comprehensive digital handbook. Sent in a soft copy, track your team’s progress after the team building, maintain a positive culture in your organization, and implement actionable and doable steps to sustain your high-performing team.

Is it possible to get more than just fun team building? Absolutely!

If you want to avail the Jambar Digital Handbook or want to know more about it, contact us at 6635 7741.