Team building trends

Do you want to foster a genuine connection between your employees? If yes, then team building events are a must. During daily work routine, employees are so engrossed in their work that they do not find time to gel with each other. For a team to be successful, trust, effective communication and collaboration are required. And hence you need to provide your employees the time where they can connect with each other. Team building events at the corporate level are organized so that employees get a chance to know each other well, share problems, find solutions and work together to succeed as a team.

Jambar is Singapore’s best company that offers team building activities and events at the corporate level. With different indoor and outdoor activities carefully designed by well-experienced facilitators, Jambar aims at optimizing your firm’s productivity by introducing team bonding activities among the individuals of your company.

With a vision to improve the relationship between employees, build trust, foster open communication and help culture, healthy competition and team spirit; Jambar organizes its activities to improve the corporate environment and as well promotes environmental sustainability. Jambar aims at building a green team and introducing the importance of environmental sustainability so that all employees work together to make a green office.

1. Environmental Sustainability Team Building Activities

Every industry has its own definition of environmental sustainability but the simplest is to continue to enjoy all the environmental benefits that we enjoy and will be available for our future generations to enjoy as well. And in order to sustain and preserve all these natural resources and benefits, we all need an individual and a collective effort to keep our offices green.

With time, environmental sustainability has all of a sudden become a trend. This is so because going green forces employees to use less environmentally harmful or resource-depleting raw materials in their manufacturing and urges them to be creative to save overhead costs. When analyzed carefully, going green gives long term benefits by improving the overall profitability of the company. The companies are looking for environmentally friendly solutions now as it gives them a competitive edge by attracting more customers and investors.

The companies should strive to go green as it is a social responsibility to sustain the environment and protect it from all the damaging activities.

At Jambar, activities are organized while considering environmental sustainability a priority. The team at Jambar focuses on environmentally friendly team building activities that aim at producing zero waste. They use repurposed wrist bands and recycle water to contribute to the well-being of the environment.

Some of the environment friendly activities from Jambar;

Are You App For The Hunt is a technology based interactive challenge that helps people adapt to new & innovative technologies through fun & interesting apps that people can try out. It captivates the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic skills of participants while also improving their navigation & creativity skills.

The Indoor Creative Challenge is a stimulating, fun team building activity which brings play and excitement to indoors. It turns large indoor spaces into fun playgrounds where teams have to interact with the surroundings and each other to complete missions and score points.

The Wild Goats Challenge is perfect for breaking communication barriers between colleagues and spur bonding and teamwork in any corporate environment.

Voted as one of the most popular team building activity by our clients, The Domino Challenge, will surely meet this objective. The challenge allows teams to experience that sheer enthusiasm of building and implementing their ideas in the most creative way possible.

Many interesting activities each targeted to share a new learning with its players are organized by the brilliant team at Jambar and few of the activities are called as Breaking barriers, Graffiti art, Indoor creative challenge, Are you app for the hunt, The wild goats challenge, The domino challenge, The running man challenge, Collaborate, 60 Seconds To Win It, Amazing Race, Bridging The Gap, The Drone Challenge, F1 Challenge, The Creative Putting Challenge, Cardboard Boat Building Challenge, Virus Challenge, The Casino Heist, The Murder Mystery, The Chain Reaction Challenge, Discover Singapore, The Beach Olympics, Treasure Hunt, and Singapore Heritage Trail. Just visit Jambar’s website to know more details about each activity.

2. Art Based Team Building Activities

Art is about expressing your thoughts in any language, sign, color or medium. Art in itself is unique as it does not bound anything or anyone in any restriction. Art is an expression of freedom and therefore many corporate businesses use art in their team building activities.

Art team building activities help employees to be creative, to think and draw the impossible and to have fun. Such workshops help employees relax and enjoy that also benefits their mental health.

Jambar Company also offers two interesting art-based activities that are known as “Graffiti Art” and “The Big Picture”.

The Graffiti Art allows employees to reflect on the company’s vision, mission and objective to translate it on a canvas in the form of an artwork that allows employees to work as a team and be creative.

The Big Picture is also another fun activity where employees are engaged to create individual art pieces and then combine all to produce a single big picture. This allows them to show the individual skill that boosts self-confidence and fosters the importance of individual and team contribution in accomplishing a task.

These art-based activities offered by Jambar differ other companies’ activities because the team at Jambar analyses your company’s objective behind the team building event and customize these activities to serve your need.

3. Corporate Training With Team Building

Three types of trainings are being offered by the Jambar team building company. These are called Disc, Belbin and Agile. All three are designed differently each with a unique purpose and to give a different leaning to the teams.

Disc Program helps employees to work as a team, understand each other personalities and improve workplace relations. Belbin program offers engaging sessions among employees to identify factors that need improvement to improve the overall performance of the team.

The Agile training program teaches employees the importance of agility in the success of today’s corporate world. It teaches agile concepts that help employees to complete the assigned tasks in a much quicker way than before. Agile is not a term only but it has become a way of working that companies are adopting nowadays to be on par with their competitors. With IT being present everywhere, the agile way of working has become easy. For example, rather than waiting for feedback after your product is launched in the market, you can just build a website with a feedback form that your buyers fill so that you can know the needs and shortcomings on time.  This is just an example, as agility in business means to innovate and deliver results in a fast manner before any failure hits you.

The need for team building activities

Are you looking for a team that inspires each other to be creative, agile, engaging, goal-oriented and collaborative? Such teams are formed by conducting regular trainings and workshops that teach them the importance of these values. A successful team is the core reason for a successful business and therefore all organizations are arranging such trainings and workshops as these are one of the basic needs of today’s corporate world.

Team building activities are organized by managers all over the business world to connect people with each other, to initiate a culture of trust, open communication, help and mitigate conflicts to perform better as one team.

The increasing trend of team building activities at the corporate level itself highlights the importance of these programs. You need to relax your employees, make them feel like a family and help them bond together to get the best results from them. We, at Jambar team building company, are there for you to help you organize such workshops to build strong green teams and an environment-friendly corporate culture.

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