Team Building trend 2019

Team Building Trends 2019

Do you know how team building events elevate your company? Very simple answer is by building better relationships between you and your employees, increasing productivity and driving high performance by each and every member in the team. Remember that business is not about just business; it’s about relationships. Cultivating and nourishing strong, positive relationships with your team members is the definite key to success.

The team within an organisation must learn and practice effective and productive collaboration with each other. This can be achieved through team building exercises that increase trust between group members. Team building events are not just fun but challenging at the same time to motivate employees to get higher performance. Therefore, if you are planning to enhance the team performance to get success, here are some ideas of top team building trends for 2019.

Innovative challenges

The Drone Challenge

How exciting it would be to perform some innovative exercises being a drone pilot? No worries if you are inexperienced, team facilitator will guide you and the team in the Flight School to get the challenge. Every one in the team will get a chance to fly drone and overcome the obstacles designed and constructed by the other team.

The Airplane Challenge

We have the most innovative challenge of 2019 to boost your creative and out of the box thinking. Your team will have to make a simple airplane with the help of just a paper and a motor controlled by a smart phone to do tricks ad even take off from the ground. Your competitor team will also create the same plane and race their planes to show off their proficiency.

Collaborative challenges

Virus Challenge

The Virus Challenge is an excellent way to think and fight against the threatening diseases to humanity. In the challenge your team will be placed in charge of a worldwide health organization, and with each team member assigned a unique set of valuable skills, your team will have to mobilize quickly and exploit every possible resource to stave off new outbreaks. With the next epidemic only seconds away, teams must work quickly to overcome the odds and find a cure.

Wild Goats Challenge

It is an outdoor tablet – based activity in which teams are made to find different objects, solve crazy puzzles and carry out various missions. Timely response and positive results are the qualities to get points.

Creative challenges

Bridging the Gap

This indoor activity is created to evaluate your engineering abilities, you are given dowels, tape and cardboard to design and construct a racetrack. Teams will experience new relationship and extra bonding while building their section of bridge in a limited time. Then the team members will bring out their remote-controlled cars and engage in a mini-Grand Prix!

Cardboard Boat Building

One of the most popular fun activities is cardboard boat building challenge. Teams are given few objects like card board, packing tape and some crayons to design and build a functioning boat. Creativity is tested in their designs and functionality, and then boats are brought to the water and put to the ultimate test: a boat race. Paddle fast and reach the finish line before you spring a leak!

Adventure challenges

Treasure Hunt

This exciting challenge starts with a general map and some clues on it. These clues consist of architecture, monuments, currency and some art works to find out a buried treasure. The most cooperative team with the passion to succeed wins the activity. This game is an interesting way to learn history and culture and it shows the importance of communication in team.

Amazing Race

This amazing race is designed like a reality TV show aired in early 2000s. Your team will compete with other teams in different check points. Every check point will have some ROAD BLOCK tasks to complete within the time allowed. You will find these ROAD BLOCK activities highly engaging and thrilling. The goal is to reach at all the stations in the shortest time possible. You will learn time management and enhance problem solving ability through this game.

Interactive challenges

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers is the best activity to identify and overcome your fears inside, holding you back from achieving your goal. Participants are given wooden boards to write down their fears and what they have not achieved due to these fears. These wooden boards are then physically broken by the participants to show their power of focus and develop confidence.  The game works as a motivation booster for the team members as a whole.

The Murder Mystery

Your team will have to solve a murder mystery with the help of some evidences. It will be up to you how you collect the right information and avoid the rest to reach out the murderer. The activity enhances your analytical skills.

Team building is an ongoing process that begins with hiring and promoting the right team members in challenging environment of a company. It is the process of helping team members’ work efficiently to achieve positive results.