Team Building Starts with Community

When we talk of team building activities, we tend to focus on how the activity can promote bonding among members of the team, and how this can benefit the organisation in the long run. While it is good that we think about the organisation and company, how much better do you think would it be if the activity could benefit society as well? In this article, we will be exploring volunteer work as a viable team building activity option.

First and foremost, why volunteer work as a team building activity? Volunteer work not only gives employees the chance to take a break from the mundane toil of daily work life by getting them out of the office, it also gives employees the opportunity to get to know one another better in a positive, uplifting environment. After all, there is that feel-good factor when you know you have helped to make someone else’s life a little more comfortable. So here are some tips for you to organise your own team building activity centred on volunteer opportunities:

  1. Be Selective

By Selective, we do not mean that you should only bring joy to organisations or people you deem ‘worthy’ because of such and such a reason. Instead, we mean that you should select the organisation you volunteer for based on the skills of the participants. It makes sense for the volunteer work to be something that most if not all are able to do and interested in doing. If it complements what they do on a daily basis, even better! But ultimately, what matters most is that the activity is meaningful, at least for the large majority of participants.

  1. Do not be overly ambitious

Committing oneself to volunteer every day after work is overkill. Take into consideration that participants have their own personal lives to think about. Do volunteer work once a month or once a quarter if a monthly affair is too much. Alter the frequency as is deemed necessary.

  1. Make it a family affair

What’s even better than doing volunteer work with colleagues? Doing it with family, of course! Invite participants’ families to join in the volunteer ventures. The more people, the merrier, and everyone gets to learn something about someone else as volunteer work becomes a social event.

  1. Make it part of an orientation programme

Introduce newcomers to the volunteering ventures that the organisation has, by allocating some time for them to visit the partner organisation and complete some volunteer work during the orientation period.  Not only does this leave them with a better impression of the company, it speeds up the assimilation process as they get to learn about others in their personal capacity.

Show that the company cares not just for itself but also for others, for society and it will inspire confidence in employees and motivate them, leading to an all-around better environment to work in.