6 Innovative Team Building Ideas Singapore

The success of a business is hugely dependent on the strength of the team and it is essential to work on team building skills in order to succeed in the pursuit of professional career success. Each and every individual is gifted with a unique blend of skills and the real success comes when the skills of such individuals combine and produce a massively successful result as a team. The strength of a team doesn’t lie in the skills of an individual but rather exist in the collaborative bond of the professionals working under the label of a common brand or business. Knowing the significance and true value of teamwork, Jambar Team Building proudly presents 6 innovative activities which help in constructing a stronger bond based on trust & reliability in your team of professionals.

1.The Drone Challenge

The Drone Challenge is an amazing way to put your team’s collaborative skills to test and it provides a team with an opportunity to inspect their strengths and identify their weaknesses. A team activity focus towards the design of a drone obstacle course which will be challenged by other teams in the latter stages of the game. Working in tandem, the goal is to discuss, plan, and build a course which will prove to be the toughest for the competing teams. Similar to other teams, your team will also be put to an ultimate test and each and every group member will get a chance to fly through the obstacle courses designed by other competing teams.

2. The Bicycle Scavenger Hunt

A popular and exciting scavenger hunt geared towards helping the team develop and enhance their creativity and problem-solving skills. During the hunt, the team gets to cycle from one checkpoint to another and successfully complete various challenging group activities and games along the way. From brainteasers to strength development, the hunt truly tests your physical skills and gives the team a chance to practice unity and teamwork in the trails of the wild. The bicycle challenge creates a great sense of achievement and is designed for the nourishment of team’s mobility and physical fitness.

3. The Cardboard Boat Building

The Cardboard Boat Building Challenge is the best way to plan a long team event filled with competitiveness and thrill. Forced to use only a limited group of materials, a team works together to design and build a fully-functional sea-worthy vessel which can help them win the team challenge. Testing the creativity and time management skills of the team, the designed boats ultimately compete in a race to evaluate their true capabilities. The activity helps in strengthening the bond between fellow team members and helps in the enhancement of collaborative skills.

4.The F1 Challenge

The F1 Challenge is a unique challenge which helps in developing design skills and competitive drive in a team. Similar to the Cardboard Boat Building, this challenge tests the collaborative skills of a team and provides the feeling of working in a constructive team environment. Provided with an instructional booklet, tools, and materials, the primary objective is to design and build a fully-functional customized concept car. Following the safety inspections, the cars of the competing team race for the glory in an outdoor environment. The F1 Challenge is a blend of outdoor and indoor challenge which helps in the development of the team’s strength and unity.

5.The Wild Goats Challenge

An environment-based team building activity, The Wild Goats Challenge presents a team with an opportunity to go out into the wild and work together in the quest for winning the prize. Geared up with a tablet, each team plays along a number of trivia, puzzles, and missions based on real-life situations and experiences inspired by the common goal to climb the leaderboard. A constructive yet fun activity whose primary objective is to evaluate the team’s ingenuity and approach to unique tablet-based activities. The team with the strongest bond succeeds in acing the rest and is a great activity to build self-belief and confidence in a team.

6.Bridging the Gap Challenge

One of the most creative challenges, this challenge puts a team to a whole new bunch of tests which are geared towards the evaluation of engineering abilities and creative skills of a team member. Working with a team can help you easily find the most optimal solution to problems and the objective of Bridging the Gap Challenge is to do just that. The goal of the challenge is to use the provided material to construct an operational roadway and is a great test of time management skills of the team. This challenge not only builds the strength and confidence of the team but also educates each member about the value and importance of teamwork.