Online Icebreaker Games

No.Game NameOnline Tools to UseMin. PaxMax. PaxTime (mins)
110 Common ThingsBreakout Rooms, Google Sheets43015
2GuessMojiGuessMoji Online App, Online Whiteboards23020
3Interactive Social BondingBreakout Rooms23060
4MasterChef Mystery Box ChallengeChat Apps, Google Sheets, Social Media430180
5Mister Rogers CallsChat Apps, Breakout Rooms, Google Sheets430030
6Never Have I EverChat Apps, Breakout Rooms55090
7No SmilingBreakout Rooms55090
8Pass AlongChat Apps, Breakout Rooms51530
9Quiz About EmployeesChat Apps, Breakout Rooms, Online Whiteboards250060
10Shape ShifterChat Apps, Breakout Rooms, Online Whiteboards105030
11ShazamChat Apps, Online Whiteabords101515
12Sun SalutationBreakout Rooms520060
13Two Truths & A LieChat Apps, Breakout Rooms, Online Whiteboards510120
14Virtual Show & TellBreakout Rooms, Slimwiki, Google Forms550030
15Virtual Team Building Bingo!Online Whiteboards, Slimwiki520060
16What Would You Do?Slimwiki, Survey Monkey, Google Forms550090
17Who Said This?Online Whiteboards, Survey Monkey51030
18Whose Office Is It Anyway?Online Whiteboards, Survey Monkey2500120
19Work From Home Bingo!Online Whiteboards, Slimwiki250030
20WorkStyle Personality TestGoogle Forms, Survey Monkey250060