50 Best Virtual Team Building Activities

NoGame NamePurposeMin. PaxMax. PaxTime (mins)
1Ten Common ThingsIcebreaker43015 min
2Fifty States ChallengeEncourage Teamwork2100060 min
3BookclubFoster Creativity & Innovation2100060 min
4DIY Craft ChallengeFoster Creativity & Innovation22060 min
5Experience The B.E.S.TEncourage Teamwork520060 min
6Fit Teams, Strong TeamsImprove Morale & Motivation220060 min
7GIF BattlesImprove Morale & Motivation2Unlimited60 min
8Get The Most Fun in 60 Seconds Time!Encourage Teamwork220090 min
9Green ImpulseEncourage Teamwork5100090 min
10Guess the CountryEncourage Teamwork25060 min
11Guess the ArtistFoster Creativity & Innovation101530 min
12Innovative Minds Make Wonders!Foster Creativity & Innovation220090 min
13Interactive Social BondingIcebreaker23060 min
14Mindfulness & MeditationImprove Morale & Motivation220060 min
15Mister Rogers CallsIcebreaker430030 min
16Never Have I EverIcebreaker55090
17Niagara FallsImprove Morale & Motivation2UnlimitedOngoing
18No SmilingIcebreaker55090
19Pulse Employee Engagement QuizEnhance Productivity2Unlimited60 min
20Quiz About EmployeesIcebreaker2Unlimtied60 min
21Read My LipsImprove Morale & Motivation55060 min
22Round Robin RecognitionImprove Morale & Motivation24015
24Spelling BeeEnhance Productivity520120 min
25Sun SalutationImprove Morale & Motivation520060 min
26The Ultimate Cook-Off ChallengeFoster Creativity & Innovation220090 min
27The Virtual Amazing Race ChallengeEncourage Teamwork1020090
28Theme Photo ContestFoster Creativity & Innovation1020030 min
29Tiny CampfireImprove Morale & Motivation51060 min
30Together We PaintEncourage Teamwork4660 - 90 min
31Tree or Bob RossEncourage Teamwork510120 min
32Two Truths & A LieIcebreaker510120 min
33Typing Speed RaceEnhance Productivity550060 - 180 min
34Uncover Your SuperpowersEnhance Productivity52060 - 120 min
35Virtual Birthday PartiesImprove Morale & Motivation550030 min
36Virtual City TourImprove Morale & Motivation550090 min
37Virtual Cocktail SessionImprove Morale & Motivation3020090 min
38Virtual Debate ClubEncourage Teamwork52060 min
39Virtual Dinner & DanceFoster Creativity & Innovation30500180 min
40Virtual Escape: Diamond HeistEncourage Teamwork520060 min
41Virtual Escape: Space SurvivalEncourage Teamwork520060
42Virtual Holiday PartiesImprove Morale & Motivation520030 min
43Virtual Show & TellIcebreaker5500120 - 180 min
44Virtual Team Building BingoIcebreaker520060 min
45Virtual Treasure Hunt: Redbeard's Tre…Foster Creativity & Innovation520060 min
46Visual ThinkingEnhance Productivity2200120 - 180 min
47What Would You Do?Icebreaker550090 min
48Who Said This?Icebreaker51020 - 30 min
49Whose Office Is It Anyway?Icebreaker2Unlimited60 - 120 min
50WorkStyle PersonalityEnhance Productivity2Unlimited60