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What role do you play in a corporate team?

When we are placed in a team in any given setting, the first question we ask ourselves is,”what is my role in this team?” This simple question is what separates a good and effective team member from those who hold the team back. In the corporate world, a team needs to meet its goals. It is for this reason that clear-cut roles for team members are vital towards the group’s overall target.

In a corporate team the roles members might be assigned are:

  • Leader

This member provides the team with direction, guidelines and assigns duties to other team members. The leader also uses their assessment skills to know their team’s weaknesses and strengths.

  • Researcher

This member of the team uses their inquisitive nature to critically analyze information important to actualize the team’s goals. They also use the information they get to help the team gun for more resources should the team need it.

  • Expert

The team may come across a grey area as it tries to reach its goal. Having an expert on the team with knowledge on the subject will make it easier for the team to navigate the grey area.

  • Planner

They are in charge of formulating and implementing strategies that aid the team. They are also in charge of allocating-and supervising-the teams resources.

  • Team player

The team players have no set role in the team. They use their versatility to step in and help the team actualize its plan when needed.

  • Creative

The creative offers new and unconventional ideas to solve any problems the team comes across. They offer the team a different perspective on challenging factors.

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