Break-free of your barriers to truly live the life you imagine.

Free yourself from the doubts and insecurities that are holding you back through this fun and interactive event!

Date : 22 June 2019

Time : 2PM TO 4PM

Venue : Basil & Thyme

Address : 920 East Coast Parkway, SG – 449875

Breaking Barriers

We make decisions every day, we are faced with impossible choices every day, we plunge through doubt and we work hard for the life we desire. But sometimes, we are knocked down, stuck and cannot face the issues inside of us. Barriers form in our minds that hold us back from taking the next step to change. We become victim to our own choices and fall ill to the decisions we make.

Some of the barriers we face in our lives

What if you could change all that, what if you could breakdown those mental silos and what if there is an actual chance of a better life waiting for you. If you are someone dealing with similar issues, come down to our event and have a life changing experience.

‘What’s stopping you?’ is a two hour training and mentoring session with a fun & interesting activity. Learn and get inspired by our speakers and have a fun experience getting to know other people. The chance to have a better life is in your hands, take action!

While the event is open to everyone, the people between the ages 18 – 27 will benefit the most from it. Register now before the spots are filled up!


Zai Miztiq

Zai Miztiq is an amazon best-selling author, international speaker and CEO of Miztiq International. She started on her entrepreneurial journey at a very young age. She started modelling at 17 and in 2001, she brought her henna art to Japan where it became a big hit and she was interviewed by various Japanese media. In 2005, she met with a tragic accident which almost paralysed her, but against all the odds, she persisted and got through it with incredible positivity. After that, she started writing books, giving motivational talks and is now coaching people to gain confidence and clarity and turn their dreams into reality.

James Mclauchlan

James has been changing lives through facilitating events, public speaking and leading programs in Singapore since 2010. After he graduated in 2005 with a Masters degree in Engineering and French, James lived and worked in Malaysia, France, Sweden and Singapore. His ability to easily relate to groups and individuals has led him to become a sought after facilitator both in Singapore and worldwide. In 2012 he left his corporate job and co-founded Jambar with his partner Barbara.

Jedde Neri Ampolitod

Jedde is an expert facilitator and a licensed Psychometrician. With a distinguished degree in Psychology, she has a deep understanding on how teams work together in spite of their diversity and uniqueness. She is versatile in her way of delivering impactful team building experiences across local and international partners. Her refreshing, fun, and charming personality along with her broad  knowledge in Psychology engages different people from different backgrounds. Jedde sees a vast potential in people and that we are all capable of making meaningful changes.


A real objective on your life

‘What’s Stopping You?’ gives you a real objective on your life about the things that stop you from moving forward and how to navigate through those life changing experiences. From real people who faced similar odds and fought to get the life they want, you’ll get to learn how these people persisted through adversity and pushed forward despite the doubts, fears and mental issues they faced along their way.

A great opportunity to make new friends

Apart from the inspirational and motivational experiences, you’ll also get to meet other people who are at the starting point of their careers trying to figure out what they want to be and you’ll realise that you are not alone in your journey. A great opportunity to network with people and exchange thoughts, ideas and together break through your fears and insecurities.

More content and tips

As an additional bonus, after the event you’ll receive access to more content and tips about dealing with mental barriers including a complete recording of the event. You’ll also receive early access to our upcoming events with educational content and discounted tickets.

And many more…

  • Understand top 5 unconscious biases
  • Take home a memento with your goals written on it
  • Meet 3 professional speakers and learn about how to overcome mental blocks
  • Access to the full event video and more content
  • Network with the people you meet at the event


Only 50 spots open

Register for free

After you click ‘Confirm’, you’ll receive an email from us with the event schedule and all the details you need to know about the event. If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact us through any one of the options listed below at the end of the page.

About Us

We are Jambar Team Building, a team building company based in Singapore. We ran over 1000 team building events over the past six years. Our cliental includes Google, DBS, Nike, Cisco, Shell and major companies in every industry.

We are running a self-development event with a focus on breaking through the psychological barriers that often hold people back from living the life they desire. We will be exploring all about mental biases, what they are and how to overcome them. We will also do an activity that can help us actualise our beliefs and break through our barriers physically in a fun and energizing environment.

Sign-up for a fun & interactive learning opportunity that can help you build your self-confidence and help you navigate through your struggles of overcoming your fears & insecurities.


Email: publicevents@jambarteambuilding.com

Call: +65 9028 8925

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