Jambar Contract For Service

This contract is entered between the Client, Jambar Team Building Pte Ltd, with an office at #06-01 Chan Khoo Kong Huay Building, 29 Lorong 29 Geylang Road, Singapore 388078, and the Freelancer (as stated in the personal details below)


The Client has a need for Event Organizer, Event Photographer, Logistic Support, Facilitator, or other necessary appointments required for the Event Project.

The Freelancer has an interest in performing such services for the Client. The Freelancer is free to work for other employment or clients at the same time; and on their own account.

In this consideration, herein the parties agree with the following:

Depending on the nature of work scope, the Freelancer is paid between S$7 to S$12 per work hour. He/ She will receive the full payment within 5 working days after conclusion of the Event Project via personal mobile wallet, PayLah!

The Client reserves the right to use in whole or part of the work created by the Freelancer.

However, the Client agrees to pay a minimum amount of S$30 for services rendered, even if the service engagement is disrupted.

The Freelancer will bear Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions or tax liabilities, if any.

In a case of negligence, the Freelancer will be required to indemnify the Client for any losses or damages that may arise through the course of the Event Project.

All other resources relating to the Event Project, including transportation from one event venue to another during and for the Event Project, is provided by the Client. This excludes the Freelancer traveling to/from the Event Project.

In the course of performing services for the Event Project, the Freelancer will obtain knowledge of the Client’s business processes, products, know-how, trade secrets, methods, models, customers, names and positions of employees, collectively known as Proprietary Information. The Client expects the Freelancer to respect the confidential information and not act detrimental to the Client.