Team building

What makes your team ahead in the game?


“What makes your team ahead in the game?”

What makes your team more effective and more successful than other teams? Is it a lucky charm, or is it the strong team bonds that your team has?

Of course it is easy to become successful if you happen to run into a bit of good luck, but if your team wants to stand out from the others, you will definitely need more than just good fortune.

I am sure most people would agree that some key elements in forming an effective and successful team that stands out is teamwork and strong team bonds. How can a team work well if they are never able to attain a common consensus?

Below are some crucial characteristics that affect how effective a team is:


Does your team talk to one another or do they talk about each other behind each others’ back?

Trust is the basis of any relationship as it creates a bond among team members which leads to rapport and unity. Back-stabbing should be rare or even not present at all so as to ensure a high level of mutual trust among team members and remove any tensions.

Does your team have a healthy respect for each other’s opinions?

When having discussions, there is no doubt that there will be conflicting viewpoints. However, a successful and effective team would not let these conflicting opinions and disagreements snowball into an interpersonal conflict but, would instead practise active listening  and encourage each other to continue participating and contributing during discussions.

Does your team manage conflict properly?

Conflicts and disagreements are bound to occur during discussions and meetings, however these disagreements should not be taken to heart and team members should not harbour any bitterness towards one another once the meeting comes to an end. 

Does your team have the same end in mind?

An effective and successful team is fully aware of the shared goals and responsibilities, and they work together towards achieving those goals. The team realises the need to focus on the team goals and is willing to rise to the challenge to reach that goal together. The team is also able to understand that each of their individual roles, whether big or small, plays a part in helping the team reach the team goal.