Let’s Talk Over Coffee #1

Hi! I’m Karynne, from Jambar Team Building. We deliver innovative Team Building activities for whatever event that you envision. We would like to engage you further by providing weekly tips on team building and other related information. To start off, let me share with you some tips to work more happily with your colleagues.

Firstly, create strong friendships at work. Some people believe that it is best to keep work life and personal life separate. But work life integration can make work more fun. Scientific research has shown that having close relationships can strengthen your immune system and creates happiness in your workplace.

Secondly, spend some time to mingle with others. Talk to some people whom you’re not familiar with. In due time, you’ll feel more socially comfortable. Have you heard of the mere exposure effect? Repeated exposure makes people like music, faces and even nonsense syllables better. So the more you see someone, the more intelligent and attractive that person will seem.

All right, that’s all we have this week. Have a nice day!