A brand new team building activity – Indoor Creative Challenge

Jambar Team Building is proud to announce the launch of its Indoor Creative Challenge.

3rd March, Singapore — The Indoor Creative Challenge is an indoor variation of its flagship game, the Wild Goats Challenge, an interactive game played fully on tablet computers. A highly engaging game, the Indoor Creative Challenge promises participants tremendous fun condensed into an hour and a half.

In this game, people are split into teams of five or six, and compete against each other to complete a series of missions, where each mission is communicated to the team through a tablet or smartphone, and the successful completion of each garners the team a number of points.

Encompassing brainteasers, trivia, photos of the team in various poses, scavenger hunts for special codes, and much more, expect a great deal of mental and physical stimulation, where everyone in the team has contributions to make. Creativity, teamwork, time management. All these will be key to beating the various missions and the game.

To make the game even more exciting, teams are given the opportunity to see how they are faring against the competition through the interactive leader board which allows them to see not only their score, but also their standing. However, the leader board does more than just show scores. It also has a function to show photos and comments made by the various teams, virtually instantaneously as they are taken or made, respectively.

Played indoors, the game is ideal for companies looking to organise a team building event of low-to-medium intensity in a comfortable, relaxed setting. Whether played in the morning, afternoon, or night, be sure that the game will certainly satisfy the needs of any organisation.

At Jambar Team Building, we will help you optimise your team through team building activities, customisable according to your preference. For more information about the Indoor Creative Challenge and other programmes offered by Jambar Team Building, check out our website here. Alternatively, to contact us, call us at +65 6651 4624 or email us at info@jambarteambuilding.com.