Yum Asia team building

Jambar Team Building and YUM Asia!

One of the best experiences when it comes to team building in Singapore is related to the uniqueness of the venue and the activities performed there. Yum! Asia – KFC had one of the most interesting team building activities because they opted for something interesting, refined and filled with a lot of potential for their team. All of these activities were performed with the help of Jambar Team Building, the best and highest quality team building activities provider in Singapore.

Right from the start, the venue they chose for their team building Singapore was one of a kind. The venue was Rasa Sentosa, one of the best and most refined places for such an activity. Speaking of that, Yum Asia did opt for a great objective, which was team bonding and a better understanding of one another in a very demanding, competitive environment.

The whole indoor team building and outdoor team building experience didn’t take more than half a day, and the weather was cloudy, albeit a little drizzling, something that was more than perfect for the chosen activity. It was a wonderful day and a stunning activity to perform, something that all participants remembered and enjoyed!

Instead of opting for the normal activities that team building companies in Singapore offer, the hype up participants chose one of the most interesting activities out there, in the form of the Wild Goats Interactive Tablet Challenge. This is a very cool activity to begin with, and being able to play it with the whole team from your workplace is really fun. In order to make the most out of this activity, the participants had to be broken into teams of 7 people each, and the activity actually included a special moment.

For Yum Asia this was the perfect team building experience as it allowed the participants to unwind and have a great time while playing these very interesting, demanding activities.

Once the activity was finalized, there was even a wrap up session to the whole indoor team building and outdoor team building experience with the help of a tea break. Wild Goats Interactive Tablet challenge is one of the most interesting team building activities that you can check out right now, and it was received with flying colors by the team at Yum Asia. Everyone had a great time and they enjoyed every moment of it!

After the team building Singapore activity was over, the winners got a set of cool shirts which included numerous creative taglines specifically designed by the community.

All the participants had a great time with the team building Singapore session, and even if they were a little tired in the end, the experience was well worth it! It was an amazing day for everyone, a day that they want to repeat over and over!

In fact, all the Yum Asia employees that attended the experience had nothing but positive comments about the whole experience. From the great organization to the good mix of challenges and technology from the tablets, everything was applauded and this definitely makes the whole experience one that they would repeat again and again. If you want to experience a similar team building Singapore session to the one that Yum Asia did, contact Jambar Team Building right away and we will be more than happy to help your company get the best possible experience!