Team Building Event for FOX International

Jambar Team Building Delivers an Extraordinary Team Building Event for FOX International

Jambar Team Building and FOX International Channels Together for the First Time

Jambar Team Building is pleased to announce its premiere collaboration with FOX International Channels at the Port of Lost Wonder, Sentosa

Port of Lost Wonder, Sentosa January 17, 2014— Jambar Team building has successfully organised team building events for many prominent clients in the past. Now, Jambar Team Building has added FOX International Channels to its growing list of clients, with its first ever collaboration with the organisation during FOX Fiesta 2014, an event aimed at improving relations between the staff at FOX International Channels.

Following the opening speech by Jason de la Peña, presenter for FOX Sports, Jambar Team Building’s James Mclauchlan took over with an engaging and energising briefing outlining the day’s itinerary. The event then began with a session of Untangle, a game which requires teams to- as its name suggests- untangle themselves from a discombobulation of intertwining arms and hands.

The day continued with a circuit of exhilarating games including ‘Frank on Fire’, where teams had to extinguish a ‘fire’ across a ‘gorge’. Given only 3 buckets, 2 ropes, 2 pieces of wire, and a pole, the challenge arose from teams having to transport water from one side of the ‘gorge’ to teammates on the other, preferably without spilling a drop. With limited resources, participants had their creativity tested to their limits. Furthermore, given additional pressure from a 7-minute time limit, effective communication between teammates was crucial in ensuring they completed the task in the most efficient manner possible.

The teams also engaged in an unorthodox race of ‘Human Wheelbarrow’. Unlike conventional games of ‘Human Wheelbarrow’, participants had to bob for apples at the midpoint of each run, which led to some interesting results, with some plunging their entire heads into the apple bucket in frenzied attempts to catch an apple.

However, out of all the games, the highlight of the circuit was Sand Art, where the teams worked collaboratively to replicate a map of Singapore in the sand. When the game ended, participants were given a sense of accomplishment when they looked at the sand, witnessed the masterpiece that each and every one had played a part in creating, and reflected on the bonds they had forged that day.

Following the event, Jason de la Peña, commented, “It has been wonderful fun…Jambar has done a wonderful job.’ When asked if he would recommend Jambar to other companies, he replied: “Yes I would, without a shadow of a doubt…energetic, full of ideas…I give my huge thumbs up to Jambar Team Building.”

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Jambar Team Building & FOX International Channels