Jambar delivered a hit team building event for 400 people at F1 Pit building Singapore

To kick off the new year with a bang, a Singapore governmental organization engaged Jambar Team Building to organize a team-bonding event for 400 of their staff on the 3rd of January 2014. The event started early in the morning with two icebreaker games to warm up the crowd of 48 mixed teams. As the day progressed, it was evident that more bonds were formed alongside with great camaraderie.

Among the 12 stations of telematch games set up for the participants, “Shake it Off” was one of the most well-received. A simple game of two teams pitted against each other, with one team pasting “post-it” notes on the other. The main aim of the game was to shake off all the notes by moving their bodies enthusiastically. Despite the simplicity of the game, it was not easy to remove the “post-it” notes to score points. It was not only interesting but also belly tickling to see grown men moving their bodies in the best ways that they can. So caught up in the game, one of the participants even took off his shirt when time was running out, evidence that the participants enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Another popular game with this client was the “Minefield Challenge” where a make believe minefield was closed off and bags containing valuables had to be hooked out of the minefield. Letting their imagination run, the groups made hooks out of the wires and strings provided. It was heartwarming to see team members cheering on for each other and sharing tips on how to effectively pick the bags up with the make shift hooks they had created.

A ‘Special Mission’ was crafted especially to tailor this client’s team bonding needs. The mission was to create an icon that was close to the heart’s of the participants. 48 groups consecutively worked together; one after another, picking up where the previous team left off. It was clear that teamwork was very strong within the entire company. The final product was a masterpiece that was not only magnificent in sight, but it also triggered a sense of pride within the participants, knowing that they were all part of the mission and they had accomplished the task together as one company.

The event was drawn to a close with a customized cake and a sumptuous buffet lunch. The contented grins of the participants were clear signs of their satisfaction at the day’s events.

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