Interactive Indoor Activities

Team Building Singapore

60 Seconds to Win it

Teams face off in a series of fast-paced mini competitions. Each deceptively simple games have to be finished in 60 second time frame

Domino challenge team building

The Domino Challenge

Collaborate closely with your team to build a massive domino art piece. Stay alert! You wouldn’t want to set off the domino effect before you complete it.

The CrossTeamWord Challenge

Fully customisable crossword puzzle challenge, incorporating your company’s values and more. A perfect team building activity to cultivate and strengthen team spirit!

Virus Challenge team building

Virus Challenge

As Singapore gets infected with a deadly virus, you and your team have to come together to find a cure using limited resources before it gets too late!

Paper Plane Factory team building

Paper Plane Factory

Teams have to design a system where they will produce as many airplanes as possible according to specific requirements, therefore earning as much profits as they can.

Indoor Telematch team building

Telematch Games

Telematch Games is in a completely indoor setting, consisting of a mixture of physical and mental activities that test both problem-solving techniques and teamwork!


Each member will take up a specific role and the whole team will have to work together to ultimately replicate a given structure. How well do you think you and your team can communicate? Put your rapport to test today!

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