Giving Your Team a Great Boost with Jambar’s Visual Thinking Workshop

With digital transformation that’s rapidly changing business landscapes, it is essential for teams to stay agile, focused, and see the bigger picture.

Published By : Jambar Team

Date : 22 Mar 2021

Virtual Sketch Noting

Communicating ideas clearly and making quick decisions are foundations in building a successful team. With digital transformation that’s rapidly changing business landscapes, it is essential for teams to stay agile, focused, and see the bigger picture. How do teams achieve this? The answer lies in “Visual Thinking”.

Visual thinking is a growing trend in the business world. Also known as “thinking in pictures”, it engages the brain’s ability to organize thoughts, form new ideas, and recall complex details. This results to better problem solving, and a more effective time management. Silicon Valley, Stanford D-School, and Facebook are among the organizations that promote visual thinking strategies.

Zooming into a more localized context, Singapore’s Google Team wastes no time in boosting their team’s visual thinking skills and engages Jambar Team Building, a corporate team building provider in Singapore, for a customized visual thinking workshop virtually. With a successful outcome for the event, here are some of the highlights of Google’s Visual Thinking workshop with Jambar.

Google Visual Thinking Highlights

Jambar’s visual thinking workshop is designed for diverse teams and is delivered in either a virtual or physical space. Last 14 December 2020, Google engaged this unique visual thinking design for 12 participants through Zoom.

Facilitated by one of Jambar’s Directors, Barbara Maneschi, the immersive 3-hour workshop was divided into three main segments: a solid pre-frame, hands-on activities, and a strong debriefing.

Diving into the Details

The pre-frame is an integral part of the experience as it sets the tone for the whole event. Participants are invited to be comfortable and at ease as the facilitator emphasizes on the idea that one doesn’t need to be an artist to be good at visual thinking. Rather, it’s about making complex ideas simpler and focusing on the big ideas that matter most.

Diving into a more thorough segment, the hands-on activities are designed to allow participants to draw a step-by-step breakdown of simple shapes and forming images from them. Despite the distance, the virtual break-out rooms heighten their interaction with each other through communicating their ideas in groups.

Finally, the debriefing ties up all the segments together through a story-telling activity using icons. This taps on the participants’ creativity and quick-thinking skills as well as connecting abstract images to an emotion or a storyline. The participants felt 100% immersed, engaged, and enjoyable during the whole experience.

The main facilitator takes charge of each segment, guides the participants through question-based approach, and facilitates an experiential learning. Overall, an effective and successful event and this was one of the feedback from the event:

My team learned a lot of new ideas and thought. Through the hands-on practice sessions, we were guided in using new ways to express things and build up our vocabulary through images.


Visual thinking is the foundation in communicating ideas. It speeds things up for teams in explaining difficult concepts. It is an important tool for creative process and constructive feedback. Arrange a visual thinking workshop for your team now with Jambar Team Building.