Escape Room Activities

Stranded On Mars

Stranded on Mars

Jambar’s latest space-themed escape room game, inspired by The Martian. Gather your teammates to solve puzzles and clues in order to restart your spacecraft that got destroyed by a storm. Can you make it back to Earth in time?

Thor: Finding Mjölnir

After Thor suffered a defeat in the war with Loki, he lost his powers and mighty weapon – the Mjölnir. Every puzzle solved will lead you closer to the whereabouts of the hammer. Find it before it lands into the hands of the evil!

Casino Heist

A newly opened Casino in Singapore is stealing from its patrons! A meticulously designed escape room game, solve the puzzles following the storyline to its conclusion.

Prison Break Team Building

Prison Break

You and your team got locked up in a prison by a group of masked aggressors! Using the clues given, figure out the code to the security lock and escape the prison before the aggressors come back!

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