Emergenetics – What is it?

Emergenetics is a combination of 2 ideas; behaviour from life experiences and genetic traits.

Emergenetics provides a clear way to understand this intersection of nature and nurture through the Emergenetics Profile; built on 4 Thinking Attributes and 3 Behavioural Attributes that every person exhibits.

Recognising the need for a practical and easy to apply business personality tool that followed the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, R. Wendell Williams, PhD and Geil Browning, PhD, began a project in the late 1980’s to discover the most prevalent thinking and behavioural preferences of healthy working adults. They searched the literature for draft items, repeatedly administered surveys to participants attending personal development workshops, factor analysed the data, studied inter-item reliabilities, calculated homogenous item composites, and repeated the discovery process until the survey became psychometrically stable.

When you use Emergenetics, you know that you can rely on the psychometrics behind our tools and programs. That’s because Dr. Geil Browning and Dr. Wendell Williams developed the Emergenetics tool after years of extensive research. The 100-item questionnaire is the product of rigorous research proven to reliably capture seven fundamental thinking and behavioural preferences.