Have you ever heard of a non-judgmental tool that is used in discussing the difference in people’s behaviour? If yes then the term DISC needs little or no introduction to you. If otherwise, pay attention to every detail of the article.

What is DISC?

DISC is a term majorly used in corporate boardrooms and it stands for Dominance’, ‘Influence’, ‘Steadiness’ and ‘Conscientiousness’. With the DISC profile, you are able to understand how humans react to different behaviours. DISC is also an effective decision-making tool in management because of its benefits across a range of different business functions.

It is also important to add that DISC is not a personality test but a measure of a person’s natural, hard-wired style of behaving. With DISC, you can become more successful in your personal and professional life.

The bottom line: DISC is an assessment tool that helps organisations, individuals and teams to become better by giving easy information on how behaviours can be modified.


The DISC profile is developed from the answers gotten from the DISC test questions. The result gotten from the DISC assessment is what is tailored to your unique preference and need. In Disc profiling, you are not forced to choose any off-shelf report.

The assessments are custom made for different niches, jobs and industry with the most relevant information needed by the employee. The assessment can be tailored for content colours, logos, pictures. Pages, lengths, order etc. so as to provide the most user friendly and most applicable assessment.

After completing the DISC assessment, the result is provided with the aim of modifying behaviours.


When it comes to psychometric assessment and behavioural analysis, the DISC personality test remains one of the best known and widely used. The reason is because of its effectiveness and impact in helping companies and organisations accomplish their goals and objectives.

After the DISC personality test, the result and profile provides a common language that can bring about understanding among teammates. DISC personality works by:

  • Increasing self knowledge on what can stress you, how you react and respond to conflict, ho you can tackle issues/ problems and also what inspires or motivates you to get better.
  • Fostering a better working relationship and teamwork due to better communication


Disc Assessment offers invaluable benefits to companies. The benefits can only be appreciated after a trial. While you are planning a DISC assessment for your employees, here are some benefits your company can enjoy from the assessment:

Makes hiring decision better

The test and profiling gives your company (hiring manager) an insight on what drives different candidate and allows you to make a decision based on the data that can envisage the future job performance of a candidate.

Boost productivity of employees

The DISC personality test and profiling allows your company (the managers and supervisors in charge) identify the soft skill gap between the real psychometric profile of an employee and the perfect psychometric profile of any role. Once the soft skill gap can be identified, DISC test and profile data can be used to close the gap using a developmental plan.

Cohesion, cooperation and communication among team members is improved

The DISC personality test and profile helps team mates understand and adapt to the communication preference of other members in the team. It also eliminates misunderstanding, miscommunication and conflict among members of the team.

Employee retention is improved

Once the right people willing and able to the job are hired, and misunderstanding, miscommunication and conflict is eliminated, your company will be growing at the speed of light.

As a result of the versatile application of DISC personality in developing human resources, DISC personality and profile should be an important and standard tool in companies and organisations toolkit. Considering the fact that it can help your company/ organisation overcome issues like team conflict, low productivity, hiring mistakes and lots more, DISC personality test and profiling should be appreciated.

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Team Building Ideas For 2019 In Singapore


This is a team building activity that helps the teammates gain self-awareness, get motivated and increase their confidence.

The activity involves using wood boards as a metaphor for the barriers that impede us from achieving our goal. Everyone in the team will relate their personal barriers to the wood boards by writing the barrier on the board and the outcome that they will like to achieve on the other side.

Each participant then commits their heart towards breaking the barriers through the wood.



The drone challenge is a team building activity that helps execute manoeuvres to win. You don’t need to have experience flying a drone; you will be guided through the basics.

Before flying the drone, some obstacles will be set for the drone to pass through. Ensure you fly the drone safely with your teammates to have 100% fulfilment.



This challenge is a good indoor challenge that sparkles conversation about the effect if a small change in the nearby object in the sequence. The domino challenge can be referred to as the cascading effect that happens as a result of a change in one part of the entire system.

This challenge explains that the good and bad attitudes in an organization are both likely to cascade. The challenge has got no rules because you can create anything you can imagine by tolerating and understanding others.



This challenge is a team building activities that allows conversation and building a relationship between team members by allowing them to compete to save humanity from the outbreak of deadly diseases.

The team is challenged to fight the emergence and spread of contagious disease and each member is assigned a certain role and unique skill to stave off the outbreak. It is a challenge suitable for a corporate gathering.



This team building challenge requires the active participation of every team member to get the desired result. Each team is provided with limited resources and they need to work together in a creative manner to build a boat.

Different teams present results to another after the design and each both are scored based on functionality and design. The final test is the boat race that will be done on the water where speed is tested.



This is an indoor challenge that tests your engineering ability and role as a team player. This challenge sees you and teammates build a racetrack out of simple materials. The challenge has specifications to be met and it depends on the translation you give the material.

The build phase of the challenge helps in building relationships among team members.



This is an exciting and fast-paced challenge where teammates work together to bypass roadblocks while racing around the city. The amazing race is a timed outdoor challenge where teammates perform tasks at every checkpoint with the aim of getting to the finish line as soon as possible.

It’s not just about getting to the finishing line; it’s about completing the tasks at each checkpoint and getting to the finishing line as soon as possible.



The F1 challenge involves creating your own F1 car alongside your team members to participate in the F1 race.

The team is supplied with materials needed for the design and the brand they will be designing. After designing and building the car, each team lines up their car from the F1 race challenge. Points are awarded for innovative design and good construction.



This team building challenge is inspired by the chaos theory and is of the concept that small causes can result in large effects.

The task in this challenge has a series of the device performing a simple task linking to one another. This challenge is a simple holistic challenge that tests for resourcefulness, collaboration, and creativity.

The challenge brings about confusion, conflict and gives room for settlement. As the challenge approaches the deadline, the tension rises. Time will tell if your team will succeed or fail in the challenge.



The Beach Olympics Challenge is an outdoor challenge comprising of fun-filled team challenges.

This challenge aims at helping the teammates display their team spirit by planning, working creatively, coordinating themselves and communicating effectively as a team to get the best result out of every task.



Graffiti artist all about spray painting but it is more fun when it is done as a team. Graffiti art is a good team building activity because doing the spray painting as a team creates a shared sense of purpose, responsibility, creativeness, and cooperation.

The challenge is ideal for launching creative projects, celebrating summer outings, celebrating milestones and launching community service.



Art Jamming is a team building activity that is productive and positive when done in a relaxed environment. The challenge operates on the “feel flow approach” using the sensitive mindset to trigger creativity.



This is a fantastic concept that involves building a terrarium.

A terrarium is a sealable glass that houses plants and soils and has an opening for maintenance purpose. A terrarium is mostly kept as an ornament and the Terrarium making a challenge is about building a terrarium in a creative, fun-filled and eco-friendly manner.

Embrace Change Through Team Building

It’s an undisputed fact that change is constant in life. The word change is a six letter words that evoke dread in many, excitement in others and fear in some. But looking at the term change holistically, we will all agree that change simply means picking up the pace.

Importance of change!

The importance of change in every aspect of life cannot be overemphasised. This is why team building is one of the ideal ways to embrace change. It is also important we understand that without change, growth is impossible.

How change is constant!

The old saying “the only constant thing in life changes” explains that life changes, face changes, methods and strategies changes, procedures changes and lots more. Most of us tend to deal with the little changes in our daily activities and lifestyle but brands need to deal with changes from a unique perspective which is why team building is instrumental.

Let’s take a real-life example to explain this. Think of life like you need to pass through a forest before you get to your destination.

While passing through the forest you might encounter different wild animals that are more powerful. If you try to show how strong you are, you might end up not getting to your destination.

This is because the wild animals in the forest are more powerful than you. If you try fighting every animal you come across, one of the animals will outshine you and kill you. That sounds scary but true. You need to apply different strategies to scale through the forest.

Embrace changes, go through the forest with your team and achieve the best result within the shortest time frame. But remember you have to be headstrong to survive the journey while in the forest.

Embracing change makes progress significant!

Have a deep thought on the times you had significant growth. Was the growth as a result of your personal effort or as a result of teamwork?

Most significant growth is synergetic and can be seen as the effort of the people around you. The major impact of the team is that they help you achieve more than what you expect, team building also helps you push beyond your limit.

Change results in progress. To make progress, there is a need to make a sacrifice, get outside your comfort zone, conquer obstacles, and do better next time before the growth becomes significant.

Humans and brands rarely accomplish the feat of making progress as a result of embracing change themselves. Most time the significant progress is as a result of a little push. The little push is the perfect definition of the role change plays.

How an organisation can embrace change through team building?

The answer to this is not far-fetched and it needs little or no explanation. An organisation will embrace change through team building by working holistically and sharing roles among team members.

Working holistically will help them achieve perfect result because the progress and change are not measured individually but as a whole while sharing roles makes each team members an expert in their respective fields.

Jambar team building is the one stop shop to help support and engage your team throughout the journey of making progress. We are the number one team building provider in Singapore and we help you embrace organisational changes by aligning values and assigning roles.