Team Building Ideas For 2019 In Singapore


This is a team building activity that helps the teammates gain self-awareness, get motivated and increase their confidence.

The activity involves using wood boards as a metaphor for the barriers that impede us from achieving our goal. Everyone in the team will relate their personal barriers to the wood boards by writing the barrier on the board and the outcome that they will like to achieve on the other side.

Each participant then commits their heart towards breaking the barriers through the wood.



The drone challenge is a team building activity that helps execute manoeuvres to win. You don’t need to have experience flying a drone; you will be guided through the basics.

Before flying the drone, some obstacles will be set for the drone to pass through. Ensure you fly the drone safely with your teammates to have 100% fulfilment.



This challenge is a good indoor challenge that sparkles conversation about the effect if a small change in the nearby object in the sequence. The domino challenge can be referred to as the cascading effect that happens as a result of a change in one part of the entire system.

This challenge explains that the good and bad attitudes in an organization are both likely to cascade. The challenge has got no rules because you can create anything you can imagine by tolerating and understanding others.



This challenge is a team building activities that allows conversation and building a relationship between team members by allowing them to compete to save humanity from the outbreak of deadly diseases.

The team is challenged to fight the emergence and spread of contagious disease and each member is assigned a certain role and unique skill to stave off the outbreak. It is a challenge suitable for a corporate gathering.



This team building challenge requires the active participation of every team member to get the desired result. Each team is provided with limited resources and they need to work together in a creative manner to build a boat.

Different teams present results to another after the design and each both are scored based on functionality and design. The final test is the boat race that will be done on the water where speed is tested.



This is an indoor challenge that tests your engineering ability and role as a team player. This challenge sees you and teammates build a racetrack out of simple materials. The challenge has specifications to be met and it depends on the translation you give the material.

The build phase of the challenge helps in building relationships among team members.



This is an exciting and fast-paced challenge where teammates work together to bypass roadblocks while racing around the city. The amazing race is a timed outdoor challenge where teammates perform tasks at every checkpoint with the aim of getting to the finish line as soon as possible.

It’s not just about getting to the finishing line; it’s about completing the tasks at each checkpoint and getting to the finishing line as soon as possible.



The F1 challenge involves creating your own F1 car alongside your team members to participate in the F1 race.

The team is supplied with materials needed for the design and the brand they will be designing. After designing and building the car, each team lines up their car from the F1 race challenge. Points are awarded for innovative design and good construction.



This team building challenge is inspired by the chaos theory and is of the concept that small causes can result in large effects.

The task in this challenge has a series of the device performing a simple task linking to one another. This challenge is a simple holistic challenge that tests for resourcefulness, collaboration, and creativity.

The challenge brings about confusion, conflict and gives room for settlement. As the challenge approaches the deadline, the tension rises. Time will tell if your team will succeed or fail in the challenge.



The Beach Olympics Challenge is an outdoor challenge comprising of fun-filled team challenges.

This challenge aims at helping the teammates display their team spirit by planning, working creatively, coordinating themselves and communicating effectively as a team to get the best result out of every task.



Graffiti artist all about spray painting but it is more fun when it is done as a team. Graffiti art is a good team building activity because doing the spray painting as a team creates a shared sense of purpose, responsibility, creativeness, and cooperation.

The challenge is ideal for launching creative projects, celebrating summer outings, celebrating milestones and launching community service.



Art Jamming is a team building activity that is productive and positive when done in a relaxed environment. The challenge operates on the “feel flow approach” using the sensitive mindset to trigger creativity.



This is a fantastic concept that involves building a terrarium.

A terrarium is a sealable glass that houses plants and soils and has an opening for maintenance purpose. A terrarium is mostly kept as an ornament and the Terrarium making a challenge is about building a terrarium in a creative, fun-filled and eco-friendly manner.

Team Building Trends 2019

Do you know how team building events elevate your company? Very simple answer is by building better relationships between you and your employees, increasing productivity and driving high performance by each and every member in the team. Remember that business is not about just business; it’s about relationships. Cultivating and nourishing strong, positive relationships with your team members is the definite key to success.

The team within an organisation must learn and practice effective and productive collaboration with each other. This can be achieved through team building exercises that increase trust between group members. Team building events are not just fun but challenging at the same time to motivate employees to get higher performance. Therefore, if you are planning to enhance the team performance to get success, here are some ideas of top team building trends for 2019.

Innovative challenges

The Drone Challenge

How exciting it would be to perform some innovative exercises being a drone pilot? No worries if you are inexperienced, team facilitator will guide you and the team in the Flight School to get the challenge. Every one in the team will get a chance to fly drone and overcome the obstacles designed and constructed by the other team.

The Airplane Challenge

We have the most innovative challenge of 2019 to boost your creative and out of the box thinking. Your team will have to make a simple airplane with the help of just a paper and a motor controlled by a smart phone to do tricks ad even take off from the ground. Your competitor team will also create the same plane and race their planes to show off their proficiency.

Collaborative challenges

Virus Challenge

The Virus Challenge is an excellent way to think and fight against the threatening diseases to humanity. In the challenge your team will be placed in charge of a worldwide health organization, and with each team member assigned a unique set of valuable skills, your team will have to mobilize quickly and exploit every possible resource to stave off new outbreaks. With the next epidemic only seconds away, teams must work quickly to overcome the odds and find a cure.

Wild Goats Challenge

It is an outdoor tablet – based activity in which teams are made to find different objects, solve crazy puzzles and carry out various missions. Timely response and positive results are the qualities to get points.

Creative challenges

Bridging the Gap

This indoor activity is created to evaluate your engineering abilities, you are given dowels, tape and cardboard to design and construct a racetrack. Teams will experience new relationship and extra bonding while building their section of bridge in a limited time. Then the team members will bring out their remote-controlled cars and engage in a mini-Grand Prix!

Cardboard Boat Building

One of the most popular fun activities is cardboard boat building challenge. Teams are given few objects like card board, packing tape and some crayons to design and build a functioning boat. Creativity is tested in their designs and functionality, and then boats are brought to the water and put to the ultimate test: a boat race. Paddle fast and reach the finish line before you spring a leak!

Adventure challenges

Treasure Hunt

This exciting challenge starts with a general map and some clues on it. These clues consist of architecture, monuments, currency and some art works to find out a buried treasure. The most cooperative team with the passion to succeed wins the activity. This game is an interesting way to learn history and culture and it shows the importance of communication in team.

Amazing Race

This amazing race is designed like a reality TV show aired in early 2000s. Your team will compete with other teams in different check points. Every check point will have some ROAD BLOCK tasks to complete within the time allowed. You will find these ROAD BLOCK activities highly engaging and thrilling. The goal is to reach at all the stations in the shortest time possible. You will learn time management and enhance problem solving ability through this game.

Interactive challenges

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers is the best activity to identify and overcome your fears inside, holding you back from achieving your goal. Participants are given wooden boards to write down their fears and what they have not achieved due to these fears. These wooden boards are then physically broken by the participants to show their power of focus and develop confidence.  The game works as a motivation booster for the team members as a whole.

The Murder Mystery

Your team will have to solve a murder mystery with the help of some evidences. It will be up to you how you collect the right information and avoid the rest to reach out the murderer. The activity enhances your analytical skills.

Team building is an ongoing process that begins with hiring and promoting the right team members in challenging environment of a company. It is the process of helping team members’ work efficiently to achieve positive results.

6 Innovative Team Building Ideas Singapore

The success of a business is hugely dependent on the strength of the team and it is essential to work on team building skills in order to succeed in the pursuit of professional career success. Each and every individual is gifted with a unique blend of skills and the real success comes when the skills of such individuals combine and produce a massively successful result as a team. The strength of a team doesn’t lie in the skills of an individual but rather exist in the collaborative bond of the professionals working under the label of a common brand or business. Knowing the significance and true value of teamwork, Jambar Team Building proudly presents 6 innovative activities which help in constructing a stronger bond based on trust & reliability in your team of professionals.

1.The Drone Challenge

The Drone Challenge is an amazing way to put your team’s collaborative skills to test and it provides a team with an opportunity to inspect their strengths and identify their weaknesses. A team activity focus towards the design of a drone obstacle course which will be challenged by other teams in the latter stages of the game. Working in tandem, the goal is to discuss, plan, and build a course which will prove to be the toughest for the competing teams. Similar to other teams, your team will also be put to an ultimate test and each and every group member will get a chance to fly through the obstacle courses designed by other competing teams.

2. The Bicycle Scavenger Hunt

A popular and exciting scavenger hunt geared towards helping the team develop and enhance their creativity and problem-solving skills. During the hunt, the team gets to cycle from one checkpoint to another and successfully complete various challenging group activities and games along the way. From brainteasers to strength development, the hunt truly tests your physical skills and gives the team a chance to practice unity and teamwork in the trails of the wild. The bicycle challenge creates a great sense of achievement and is designed for the nourishment of team’s mobility and physical fitness.

3. The Cardboard Boat Building

The Cardboard Boat Building Challenge is the best way to plan a long team event filled with competitiveness and thrill. Forced to use only a limited group of materials, a team works together to design and build a fully-functional sea-worthy vessel which can help them win the team challenge. Testing the creativity and time management skills of the team, the designed boats ultimately compete in a race to evaluate their true capabilities. The activity helps in strengthening the bond between fellow team members and helps in the enhancement of collaborative skills.

4.The F1 Challenge

The F1 Challenge is a unique challenge which helps in developing design skills and competitive drive in a team. Similar to the Cardboard Boat Building, this challenge tests the collaborative skills of a team and provides the feeling of working in a constructive team environment. Provided with an instructional booklet, tools, and materials, the primary objective is to design and build a fully-functional customized concept car. Following the safety inspections, the cars of the competing team race for the glory in an outdoor environment. The F1 Challenge is a blend of outdoor and indoor challenge which helps in the development of the team’s strength and unity.

5.The Wild Goats Challenge

An environment-based team building activity, The Wild Goats Challenge presents a team with an opportunity to go out into the wild and work together in the quest for winning the prize. Geared up with a tablet, each team plays along a number of trivia, puzzles, and missions based on real-life situations and experiences inspired by the common goal to climb the leaderboard. A constructive yet fun activity whose primary objective is to evaluate the team’s ingenuity and approach to unique tablet-based activities. The team with the strongest bond succeeds in acing the rest and is a great activity to build self-belief and confidence in a team.

6.Bridging the Gap Challenge

One of the most creative challenges, this challenge puts a team to a whole new bunch of tests which are geared towards the evaluation of engineering abilities and creative skills of a team member. Working with a team can help you easily find the most optimal solution to problems and the objective of Bridging the Gap Challenge is to do just that. The goal of the challenge is to use the provided material to construct an operational roadway and is a great test of time management skills of the team. This challenge not only builds the strength and confidence of the team but also educates each member about the value and importance of teamwork.

The need for Team Building

As companies grow larger and larger, it’s important to ensure that the employees know each other and the best way to do that is to engage in team building activities which will help each employee connect and make new friends at the workplace.

But why is there a need for team building, and how can you identify it? The first thing that showcases the need for team bonding is the way your teams work. In order for a team to be efficient, it must work and behave as a cohesive entity. If there are communication problems between the team members of your Singapore company, then this shows the need for team building right from the start.

The personal performance is also affected if there is no team building. Because of that, especially in the corporate environment, you have to focus on ensuring that each person has a way to unwind and relax. Through team bonding, each employee has the opportunity to talk with others, find new perspectives at the workplace, gain new ideas and, of course, they will feel better as well.

Of course, if there’s a lack of fun at the workplace and the company quickly becomes one of those boring corporate offices where people can’t or won’t step out of the cubicles, then all you need to do is to ensure that everyone attends a team bonding session. Nothing can be more fun than talking with the others, sharing opinions and doing other similar things. It boost morale, productivity and it just makes any employee feel better!

There are many ways a company can opt for in order to perform team bonding. An idea would be to throw a party at the workplace, but if you want to truly stand out, then you have to look out for some adjacent activities. Renting a villa in another part of town or a disco can be another great way for your teams to unwind, yet at the same time you can also perform a company retreat in the wilderness. In the world of team building, possibilities are indeed endless and they are only stopped by your imagination. You don’t have to worry about these activities being unsuccessful, because people will always communicate with one another, and the results will be appreciated for sure!

If you feel that there is a need for relaxation and stress removal within your company, then just perform team-building activities, everyone will appreciate them and you will receive a boost of productivity for your company, so everyone wins indeed!

Benefits of Team Building

In the past few years, the term “team building” has gained a major importance, mainly because the business world relies more and more on the productivity and happiness of the employees in order to get the best results! Even if it started off with a few meetings outside the work hours and it ended up with nights out in town, team bonding is an important thing right now in Singapore, and these activities allow the teams in the corporate world to increase their productivity by getting to know each other.

Improves morale

The productivity of any employee lies in his morale, and team bonding does a great job in this regard. A person will always have a high morale if he sees that he is respected by the colleagues and thus he will receive a boost of confidence. This means better results for your business and a more cohesive connection between the employees, a case in which everyone wins!

Increases creativity

Team bonding in Singapore increases the creative process because it encourages people to talk and work together. This allows them to come up with multiple ideas that, in the end, lead to lots of amazing results!

Defines objectives clearly

Clarity is a major benefit that comes from corporate team building activities. Creating a cohesive team will make it much easier to define and assign objectives, because each person knows his/her exact place in the team, and thus everything works a lot better.

Problem solving abilities are improved

With more people, solutions come easier. This is why team bonding activities are a success, because they allow anyone to focus on solutions, thus finding them faster. Solution implementation also comes in a much faster fashion because there are more people on the case this time, which leads to even better results.

Identifies the weaknesses and strengths in a group

It’s very hard to see what’s the problem in a team, unless you have the time to study it. Thanks to the team building activities in Singapore, any business owner will be able to identify and then focus on repairing the issues that have appeared with the team building process. This leads to a better set of solutions that will increase productivity within the company and which will make people work better with others.

In conclusion, team bonding activities are great for the corporate and small business world, as they can bring a wide range of benefits. All you have to do is to focus on holding them in an appropriate place and as often as possible in order to reap the best possible results!

Long Term Vision from Team Building

For many business owners, team building is a process that allows employees to connect with one another right now, and they stop to think about the future. If performed properly, team bonding activities can actually bring a lot of benefit for the future of the company.

But why create a long term vision for team building? Well, you don’t perform team bonding activities in the Singapore corporate world without thinking about the future of the company. After all, the main reason behind team building activities comes from the necessity of having a working, cohesive team that will last and operate for a very long time.

Of course, there are many things that can make or break a team, but with the help of team building activities, every company will do a step in investing towards a long term vision that will bring a higher revenue margin for the business and a wide range of other benefits.

In order to create a long term vision for team building, you need to first look ahead and assess the current situation, and then see what can be improved. There are many things which might be improved, so do focus on them if you want to get the best results.

Team building does require some financial investment, so do try to align the financial goals alongside your team building vision in order to obtain the best possible outcome.

Do remember that team building will lead you towards having a team that will know its strengths and weaknesses, something that is essential at all times. It’s crucial to ensure that you create a vision for your company which is professional, cohesive, and which brings in front a focus on the team and its efforts.

Yes, with the help of team bonding activities you actually manage to keep your teams happy and, in the end, this is the most important thing. The employees are basically the engine of your company, and through these activities you allow them to breathe out of the corporate world.

Any long term vision for team building has to focus on the amazing benefits that come from having a happy, productive team of professionals. Sure, team bonding might be seen as a risky investment, but in the end this is far from that, it’s an insight into the future, and that’s all that matters in the end. Do try to focus on maintaining your team happy and you will surely like the results!

Creative Putting Challenge Team Building

Team Building Activities


Most office environments are fast-paced, so it can be difficult bringing everyone onboard for the next big project. But it’s important to keep your staff motivated, and to create team bonding activities. A team who bonds together is going to be the one who cares about the next big corporate project, rather than just putting in an appearance to collect a paycheck. Team building activities are the best way to give your staff a chance to bond together and get to know each other.


Finding the perfect team building activities can be a challenge. It’s happened to the best of managers. Events are announced well in advance, yet on the special day no on turns up, or no one wants to participate. One of the most notorious events seems to be the company potluck. Many people groan when they know there’s one scheduled, or even “forget” to bring their food on that day.


One way around this issue is for the company to order in pizza for everyone. Pizza day is a popular activity, sponsored by the business. It gives everyone a chance to take a break at the same time, and to enjoy cheating on their diets for this one day. Team members have the chance to chat for an hour. Most likely there’s little time for idle chat during the day. But having a meal brought in will allow for an opportunity for your staff to get to know each other, without having them feel guilty that they’re away from their desks.


Find out if any of your team is interested in becoming an activities manager. This person will be responsible for thinking up fun events for the whole office to enjoy. These events can be based on holidays coming up, celebratory occasions, or for any other reason.


The chance to win a prize is often a great reason for an employee to participate, even when it’s only a small token. Many people enjoy competing, but it should never be at the expense of another employee. Being able to deflect harmful competition into a fun contest for everyone to enjoy is the best way to keep bored minds occupied. Keep the contest activities to bite-sized projects. For example, if the business is considering a new logo, have a contest for your employees to design a new one. Be sure they have time at work to create their designs.


If there is one particular problem the company has been facing, have an on-the-spot contest. Separate everyone into teams, then have them brainstorm to find the best solution to a problem. For example, perhaps the cost of copier paper is too high, and the business needs to cut back on this expense. Workers can brainstorm the best ideas. Small gifts can be handed out to the most creative ideas.


Monthly team building activities may be simple, but they can still be fun and entertaining, and they’ll go far in bringing your entire team onboard for the next big project.

Team Building Starts with Community

When we talk of team building activities, we tend to focus on how the activity can promote bonding among members of the team, and how this can benefit the organisation in the long run. While it is good that we think about the organisation and company, how much better do you think would it be if the activity could benefit society as well? In this article, we will be exploring volunteer work as a viable team building activity option.

First and foremost, why volunteer work as a team building activity? Volunteer work not only gives employees the chance to take a break from the mundane toil of daily work life by getting them out of the office, it also gives employees the opportunity to get to know one another better in a positive, uplifting environment. After all, there is that feel-good factor when you know you have helped to make someone else’s life a little more comfortable. So here are some tips for you to organise your own team building activity centred on volunteer opportunities:

  1. Be Selective

By Selective, we do not mean that you should only bring joy to organisations or people you deem ‘worthy’ because of such and such a reason. Instead, we mean that you should select the organisation you volunteer for based on the skills of the participants. It makes sense for the volunteer work to be something that most if not all are able to do and interested in doing. If it complements what they do on a daily basis, even better! But ultimately, what matters most is that the activity is meaningful, at least for the large majority of participants.

  1. Do not be overly ambitious

Committing oneself to volunteer every day after work is overkill. Take into consideration that participants have their own personal lives to think about. Do volunteer work once a month or once a quarter if a monthly affair is too much. Alter the frequency as is deemed necessary.

  1. Make it a family affair

What’s even better than doing volunteer work with colleagues? Doing it with family, of course! Invite participants’ families to join in the volunteer ventures. The more people, the merrier, and everyone gets to learn something about someone else as volunteer work becomes a social event.

  1. Make it part of an orientation programme

Introduce newcomers to the volunteering ventures that the organisation has, by allocating some time for them to visit the partner organisation and complete some volunteer work during the orientation period.  Not only does this leave them with a better impression of the company, it speeds up the assimilation process as they get to learn about others in their personal capacity.

Show that the company cares not just for itself but also for others, for society and it will inspire confidence in employees and motivate them, leading to an all-around better environment to work in.



Article #1: Ice Breakers – Speed Dating Style.

Three fun, fast, informal team building ice breakers anyone can commit to memory.

What’s the relationship to speed-dating?

Speed-dating is a fun and efficient way for a group of people to rapidly interact with each other . The informal, and perhaps even absurd, nature of the speed-dating environment, combined with the time pressure of the ticking clock helps remove the professional barriers. This gives them the opportunity to bond on a more personal level.  What’s great about this format is that it’s an easy model to adapt to many locations and situations so it’s perfect to base a team building ice breaker on. It’s also memorable, which immediately makes it more useful than 90% of the other ice breakers you’ve ever played and forgotten!

ice breakers speed dating 1

Adapting the model to your advantage

Teams are like a fluid, they are constantly changing and adapting to the environment around them. If you’ve just found yourself in a new team environment why not help mould the next change into a positive one by introducing  one of these three light-hearted ice breakers.

The three games suggested below require minimal set up, are easy to communicate and most of all are lighthearted and fun. Practice them through in your head so you have them ready to call upon at short notice…just remember: “Team building, speed dating”!

GAME 1: Who would you…and why?


Different colleagues will definitely know some people better thank others. This is a nice way to introduce colleagues in a positive light as this game ensures participants will naturally choose peoples positive attributes.


The pair have 1 minute (30 seconds each) to pose each other 1 question based on the following format:

“Who would you…and why?”

Their answer must include someone from the office that their partner knows.  Questions can be varied and creative.  For example,

  • “Who would you let borrow your brand new Ferrari and why?”
  • “Who would you let babysit your children and why?”
  • “Who would you want on you quiz team and why?”

Run the segment for 1 minute, let them know to swap over after 30 seconds.  At the end of the round change partners and repeat for as much time as you have.

GAME 2: Which is the lie?


Learn something unexpected about your colleague.


  1. Firstly, have everyone come up with 3 “facts” about themselves. 1 is true (e.g. I’ve got a black Labrador named Bruce”), and the other two is a complete lie (e.g. “I used to play badminton professionally for my mother country”).
  2. Use the speed dating format, one at a time each pair has half the time to read out their statements and be questioned by their partner who is trying identify the true fact.
  3. Run the segment for 2 minutes, let them know to swap over after 1 minute.  At the end of the round change partners and repeat for as much time as you have.

GAME 3: Who are you?


The inquisitive nature of this ice breaker help lock non work related facts about their colleagues in their  short term memory.  The repeated interview format then moves that into long term memory.


  1. Pair the group off and give 5 minutes for both people to interview their partner with non job related questions. 5 minutes is a long time so each person should aim to get 7 facts from their partner.  Explain that shortly everyone will have to do a quick “presentation” to the group about their partner.
  2. At this point put everyone’s name in a hat and get people to draw names keeping them hidden.
  3. Now go around the group with each person giving a quick 30 second “presentation”about their partner.  People need to pay special attention to the information about the people whose name they have drawn from the hat.
  4. It’s time for the speed-dating set up. Each time someone sits with a new partner they must try to determine the name of the person on their partner’s piece of paper. They do this by asking questions relating to the information they’ve heard about each person in the presentations.
  5. Run the segment for 2 minutes, let them know to swap over after 1 minute.  At the end of the round change partners and repeat for as much time as you have.

Round Up of all 3 games

Don’t forget to draw a quick conclusion by thanking everyone for taking part and end by asking the following question to the group:

“Who learnt something new about their colleague that they would be comfortable sharing”.

This is nicely round of the activity.


Informal ice breakers like this are quick, easy, fun and simple to remember. It is easy to see that you will really make yourself look good in the eyes of your team if you can do something like this at very short notice – just remember “Team building, speed dating” and hopefully one of the three games above (or something similar) will come to mind! What is more, you will at least partially achieve your goal of getting people interacting in a positive way with each other in a limited space of time (under 20 minutes).

If this blog makes sense to you, imagine what you could achieve with more complex team building exercises, more time and a professional team building group leader. Please give us a call to discuss whether our corporate team building service might be able to help you get your team bonding, building and operating at something like its full potential.