Jambar Team Building Cards

Professional, high impact team building activities enhance office collaboration and creativity

Jambar Team Building Card is a perfect tool for any organisation to boost the working efficiency by 47 simple action cards form three categories – “Connection” “Concern” and “Challenge”.


Establish stronger personal relationships by further communication, common interest exploration and self- transformation.


Show empathy and compassion to colleges and yourself through the simple actions by putting yourself in the shoes of other people and giving positive emotions to your daily life.


Build up a fun and healthy work environment to reduce pressures from employees and tension from working environment.

  • Where?

    Jambar Team Building Cards can be used in any working environment,for a group of people within a small team,department or even the whole company.

  • When?

    During the early meeting everyday or a moment that every team members are gathered together. It’s the best choice to start a working day with Jambar Team Building Cards!

  • How?

    Pick the card individually after team gathered,and finish the actions within time limits on the cards.It only takes you no more than 10mins to start, just 3 simple process – gather, pick, do it.

  • Why?

    Build up a team with perfect collaboration will encourages creativity and innovation ideas, enhances employee satisfaction and loyalty, and boost the working productivity and efficiency.