Best pilates studios in Singapore

The pandemic has brought a shared consensus in the corporate world that employee wellness is no longer optional. It is now an integral part of organizational culture and employee engagement.

Conducting corporate wellness events regularly boosts employee morale, productivity, and decreases health liabilities. Also, as employees start returning to offices, getting together for a wellness evening reverberates positivity, and togetherness in teams. One such activity that can be explored is a Pilates sessions.

Although similar to Yoga, Pilates focuses more on strength, stability, and body alignment. A Pilates session for your team can be a refreshing for the mind and body. It is also an outdoor activity that can motivate and excite team members.

Therefore, here is a list of top 10 Pilates studios in Singapore to host your next corporate wellness event:

Focus Movement 

People at Focus believe that our movements need to be intelligent and holistic to remain fit and healthy. They are passionate about helping people live healthier with Pilates and Physiotherapy sessions. Apart from Pilates sessions for fitness, they also offer two specialized courses i.e Runity and Polestar Pilates. The Runity course is for running enthusiasts to learn deeper about various movements and techniques related to running. The polestar Pilates course is another professional certification used in the rehabilitation and fitness industry and is highly revered.

Focus Movement

Image from Focus Movement

With specialized courses, certifications, workshops, and sessions, you can find all you need for your corporate Pilates session under one roof with Focus Movement. As with the case with most teams, if you have beginners, you can take advantage of their physiotherapists and enhance the experience. Moreover, Focus Movement has exciting corporate programs and discounts customized for what you need.

Breathe Pilates

Breathe Pilates believes that everyone is entitled to freedom of movement. Moving well is about having the awareness, strength and flexibility required to control your body in daily activities.

Breathe Pilates

Image from Breathe Pilates

As a MERRITHEW™ Licensed Training Center, Breathe is recognised in Singapore and throughout the region for its quality teaching and Pilates courses. They offer over 100 small group classes a week in 4 studios island-wide led by experienced instructors with teaching styles from all over the world and a supporting team of healthcare professionals that truly understand real bodies. Choose from Preggie Bellies, Reformer & Tower 1 and 2 to Fat Burn Pilates.

Breathe Pilates team of dedicated instructors have comprehensive certifications and specialisations in Pilates and other movement modalities and techniques. In addition to the Pilates classes, they also offer the GYROTONIC® method as part of rehabilitative and fitness training programmes.

Hello Physio

What can be better than hosting your wellness sessions with experienced Physiotherapists. Hello Physio offers clinical Pilates sessions to help trainees improve muscle strength, rehabilitate after injuries, and allow for optimal movement. Clinical Pilates may not sound like the most appropriate session to host if your teams have just returned to offices. However, data suggests that back, neck, and muscle problems lead to lost working days every year. In the UK, over 30 million workdays are lost every year due to these problems. And the problem is pertinent globally. Therefore, clinical Pilates sessions will help in improving employee well-being largely.

Hello Physio, being founded by experienced Physiotherapists also offers a myriad of other services like sports massage therapy and personalised Physiotherapy sessions. You can take your corporate wellness events a notch up by offering combo sessions. They also have a tele calling health service and you can potentially host a virtual wellness session with them.

Options Pilate Studio

Here is an international Pilates studio on the list, offering something for everyone. From beginners to pregnant woman, and new moms, they offer a variety of Pilates classes. They have four locations in Singapore, one in Hong Kong, and one in Korea. They conduct private, semi-private, and group sessions. Options can be your choice if you are looking for instructors specialized in workouts for beginners or for pregnant woman. Their instructors are trained in providing personalized care and service and take pride in it. If you are planning to host an experience session for your teams who never tried Pilates, you can choose Options Pilate Studio.

Core Fitness

This is another studio on the list that has expertise in Physiotherapy and Pilates. They believe in and advocate for preventive care and specialize in posture correction and structural bodywork along with clinical Pilates sessions. They are located in Raffles place, hence accessible to many corporates around the area. With affordable packages, you can check them out for a healing and physical workout session for your team.

The Moving Body Group

As their name suggests, The moving body group is passionate about movements and the human physiological setup. They believe that every human’s physiological setup is different and requires different kinds of movements to stay fit and healthy. They specialize in both Pilates and Gyrotonics which is a unique system of exercises that combine principles of ancient wellness practices like Yoga and Taichi. The moving body group has three locations in Singapore i.e Bukit Timah, East Coast, and River Valley. In addition to their regular sessions, they also offer certifications in Pilates which can be a great addition to your employee perks.

COMO Shambala

This is one studio that does not believe in a single wellness regime. They offer various wellness practices like Yoga, Taichi, Barre etc. along with self-care packages like massage therapies, facials, motivational sessions, and counselling. If your team has low morale or is conflict ridden, this one place you must check out. Give your team a holistic experience with multiple wellness activities and build mindful team relationships.

Prestique Studio

Steering a little further from the traditional fitness studios, Prestique takes pride in their Jumping fitness programs. They are one of the unique studios on this list and their classes are cross disciplinary cardio sessions. Their workout sessions are tailored and consists of elements like Yoga, Dance, Toning, HIIT, etc. They also have corporate training events and specialize in team bonding classes.

Pure Fitness

Why limit your wellness activities to exercise and physical activities. Indulge with superfood smoothies and relax in lounges after you have sweated out at Pure Fitness. Although they are not a specialized Pilates studio, they have experienced instructors, and their studio is a fun place to be. They also offer Yoga and conduct community fitness events.

B Bounce studio

Although their expertise isn’t completely Pilates, this is one fitness studio that must be on your list. They offer rebounding fitness classes which are one of it’s kind in Singapore. Rebounding fitness uses multiple techniques from various fitness activities and is performed on a rebounder. It has many benefits like balance, stability, full body workout etc. B Bounce has three locations in Singapore and offers trail packages to see if they are a good fit for you and your team.

Pilates may not be on the top of your list for your corporate wellness events. Most common themes are Yoga, Outdoor sports or games, retreats, and meditation events. While these work great too, exploring out of the box activities keeps your teams more engaged. Some other out of the box activities you can try for corporate wellness are Barre, Aerobics, Hiking, or Rock climbing. Whatever the activity is, ensure that your team is excited.