Physiotherapy clinics in Singapore

One of the aspects of our health that is largely ignored is the Musculo skeletal health. Although these conditions affect a huge percentage of the population and are very common, they are not taken seriously like other illnesses.

The pandemic has added to the back and neck pain epidemics as the remote work has taken a toll on the ergonomics of our body. Constantly sitting at one place, looking at the screens for longer, and working from sofas has worsened the conditions.

As we adapt to a post-pandemic world and start returning to offices, it is time for all of us to consider investing in ergonomic improvements and wellness activities.

Ergonomic improvements make a significant difference for employers too. In a US study of large scale ergonomic wellness programs it was found that they resulted in 75% reduction in sick leaves and 48% reduction in turnover.

Therefore, as employees start returning to offices, employers must consider investing in wellness activities that improve mobility and Musculoskeletal health. Physiotherapy is one such activity that has significant benefits. It improves employee productivity, engagement, and reduces stress. Organizing a physio check-up regularly for your employees can reduce sick days significantly. Physiotherapy sessions also improve the overall employee experience as they are a valuable perk.

Here are our recommendations for the 10 best Physiotherapy clinics in Singapore to get started:

Physio Active

They have an award-winning international team of Physiotherapists specializing in evidence-based Physiotherapy. With an array of personalised services, Physio Active is one of the best Physiotherapy clinics in the island. Their expertise includes dry needling, electrotherapy, manual therapy, exercise therapy, Ultrasound, Thermotherapy, and Strapping. As they are focused on evidence-based Physio, the initial appointments are 45-60 min long in which the aim is the identify the problem and come to an initial assessment. Following appointments are 30-45 min long and provide personalised care.

Image from PhysioActive SG

In addition to clinical services, Physio Active also specializes in corporate health and ergonomics of an active lifestyle. Some of their services for corporates include lunch and learn talks, one on one assessments, and In-house Physio sessions. They are undoubtedly one of the best in Singapore and have been serving Singapore community for 13 years.

Core Concepts

As one of the most widespread Physio clinics in Singapore with multiple locations, they offer a plethora of services from home care to corporate health. Their team of Physiotherapists are experienced, diverse, multidisciplinary and have been providing physiotherapy services since 2003. They also regularly conduct workshops across the island and provide holistic wellness services.

Core Concepts

Image from Core Concepts SG

They specialize in differential diagnosis which is to identify the problem first rather than seeing the problem from the available solutions. You can consider organizing an ergonomic analysis session with them as they have been working with many reputed corporates before.


Iphysio stands for Integrated Physio which reflects their values and mission. They believe in integrated patient management rather than pain management. Their team of experts work together to understand how human systems are connected and optimise therapy. Each of their experts have at least a decade of experience and they work based on the principles of functional medicine. They are located at orchard road and an appointment can be scheduled anytime.

Dynamics Physio

Dynamics was founded at a time when there was a severe shortage of therapists and from then on were committed to providing therapy with the therapist of choice without having to wait for months. They have a large pool of facilities spread across 12,000 SFT and a state-of-the-art sensory integration gym. Although they offer a host of services like speech therapy and nutrition, they specialize in Physio for children. Do check them out if you are looking for a child friendly Physio clinic.

River Physio

Just like the corporate world, River Physio also believes in teamwork. They believe that rehabilitation does not involve a Physiotherapist alone. It is rather a team that includes a Physiotherapist, a dietician, a sports therapist, and speech therapist. Apart from their team being highly skilled and experienced, they have state of the art facilities and machinery. Their treatment machines and tools are latest and are approved by the Health Authority of Singapore. If you haven’t got the time to visit them in person, you can book their home services.

InTouch Physiotherapy

Conveniently located in the CBD at Raffles Place, InTouch Physio clinic is accessible to you right after work to ease the stress off. Their team of dedicated professionals is trained internationally and has been offering services in Singapore since 2005. Instead of treating the symptoms like pain, Intouch focuses on treating the root cause of the injury and believes in empowering patients to help themselves while being an active part of the recovery process. Some of the unique services they offer in addition to the regular rehabilitation are women’s health, Pilates, Exercise recommendations, Spinal therapy, workplace health etc. You can consider organizing a Physio check up for your team to get some ergonomic advice.

Physio 101

They apply evidence-based Physiotherapy treatment techniques to optimise patient outcomes and specialize in an array of services other than just pain management. Some of their offerings include dry needling, Aqua therapy, and Electro Shock Wave. With unique service offerings, their personnel are highly qualified and experienced Physiotherapists. They also offer home visit services for extra convenience. However, for an enriched experience, do visit their clinics which have on site facilities like Gym and Swimming pools.

Physio Focus

They have been service Singaporeans for two decades and currently have two locations. With expert trainers and doctors, Physio Focus aims to understand the root cause of your pain and provide lasting solutions. Their experience in treating common workplace injuries, sports injuries, etc is vast and diverse. Some of the services they offer include Pilates, Rehabilitation, Sport’s injuries, and women’s health. An out of the box activity could be to include their women’s health services in your next team building event.


Unlike regular Physio clinics, Physiox does not believe in general or stop gap solutions to treat your pain. They believe in tailored and individualized treatment plans where client drives the treatment. With a mission to provide a patient centred and full-fledged Physiotherapy services, they have several types of services to offer. One of their other unique attributes to be on this list is to provide customized corporate health services. Do consider organizing a Physio session with them at your next team recreation day. It will not only enhance the experience but will also make it relaxing.

Rapid Physiocare

With a mission to provide the best care possible in a swift time, Rapid Physiocare has a team of dedicated and experienced Physio professionals. They provide all kinds of Physio services from Musculoskeletal conditions to Clinical Pilates and weight management. They have three locations in Singapore.

Unlike other wellness activities Physiotherapy isn’t very common. It is an out of the box activity but one that adds value to everyone involved. In the era of remote and hybrid work modes, movement is limited. It is very important for employees and employers to consider the ergonomics of the body to stay fit and healthy. Regular exercise, movements, and Physio check-ups keep us healthy.