best music schools in Singapore

When you think of employee wellness it is common to think of a fitness activity or yoga or meditation. However, most of these activities have become mundane and employees are no longer engaged. Out of the box activities that enable employees to relax, destress, and make memories are the need of the hour as we evolve into hybrid and remote work modes. Creative activities like music and dance are one such examples.

Music helps us tune into a soothing and healing environment. Music is also often used in therapy where a person’s emotional responses to music are used to invoke positive changes in mental health.

Research also suggests that creative pursuits are quintessential to our well-being as humans are creative beings.

Therefore, your corporate wellness programs are going to be amateurish without creative activities. Organize music or dance events once in a while along with other fitness activities to keep your employees engaged and happy.

Here are our recommendations for the best music schools in Singapore to host your next creative wellness activity:

Hark Music School

Hark is one of the best music schools in Singapore with a proven track record since 1999. Unlike other schools, they do not work around certifications or examinations. They instead develop their own syllabus and let students learn, enjoy, and experience music with performances. Their expressway system helps students learn in as quick as two months. They also do not offer various courses like other schools, they rather specialize in vocal, piano, and guitar classes. They believe that rather than learning various types of instruments, everyone should be able to use music to relax and enjoy personally. Piano and Guitar being two instruments with which multiple notes can be created at the same time, they specialize in those. Moreover, they also emphasize students learn to breathe, articulate with voice, and voice projection which improve overall wellness.

Hark Music

Image from Hark Music

If you are looking for an academy to conduct a music wellness session for your team, Hark can be one of the best options. They focus on beginners and helping them learn the basics to enjoy music as an everyday part of their life. Consider enrolling your team in their Expressway course for some regular collaborations, team bonding, and wellness. For a team retreat you can also have your team participate in some of their performances and onstage events like OpenStage, Voice of Hark, or studio experience sessions.

Singapore Raffles Music College

This one is for you if you want to pursue higher learning in music and dance. SRMC was established in 2001 and is now registered as a higher education institution with the Committee for Private Education in Singapore. They offer degree programs in music and dance with a team of highly qualified and internationally renowned instructors. They also have international collaborations with leading schools like University of West London and London College of Music. In 2020 they have pivoted their vision and mission to become a more dedicated and career focused arts college.

Singapore Raffles Music College

Image from Singapore Raffles Music College

For a short or one time wellness activity, you could also consider Talent Academy@SRMC which is a youth initiative by Singapore Raffles Music College. The Academy specialises in providing quality courses of various Art genres, which are relevant to the demands of the international Arts scene.

Amadeus Music Academy

Amadeus is a premium music academy centrally located in the island offering piano, guitar, and vocal lessons. With expert instructors on board and top-of-the-line equipment, Amadeus helps students experience the joy of learning music. Rather than treating music like a set of notes and instruments, Amadeus lets students engage in learning and enhance their skills by letting students take lessons at their own pace. If you are planning for a relaxing, creative, and short activity for your team, you can consider Amadeus.

Juz Music Academy

This is a unique and the sole academy in Singapore that offers the Suzuki method of learning music. With this method students can learn music as effortlessly as they learn their mother tongue. Students initially begin learning individually and then move to learning with peers. The academy has been operational since 2006 and has been accredited by the ABRSM (Associated Board of Roya School of Music). The founder Ms. Joey Lye is an established and certified international expert is music. She has also specialized in early childhood education and the academy also offers courses for people of all ages starting with new borns. So, if you are looking for a family wellness activity for your teams, this can be a short, memorable, and engaging one. They also offer free trail classes if you would like to test waters before involving your team.

SilversNow Music School

This has been voted as one of the best boutique music schools in Singapore. They believe in providing a conducive environment for everyone to unleash their creative potential and be confident of performing. With flexible schedules and multitude of lessons, students can learn from qualified and experienced teachers. SilversNow not only focuses on teaching music but also ensures that every student’s learning needs are met. They also offer training for participating in graded music examinations and getting certified. Perhaps you can consider providing it as a perk to your employees.

Ossia Music School

Being one of the well-known academy in Singapore, Ossia offers training in various instruments like piano, guitar, drums, Ukulele, violin, keyboard etc. They have been around since 1980 and are currently operational in 7 locations island wide. They help students embark on a customized learning journey and let students take a free trail before they begin. Their instructors are experienced, lively, and engaging. Some of their locations also have recital spaces.

Tanglewood Music School

Here is a school you do not want to miss if you are looking to get your team serious on creative pursuits. Tanglewood music school has been founded by passionate teachers in 2000 and till date prides itself on offering the best music classes in Singapore. Their students have achieved 100% pass rate in the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music exams every year. Tanglewood also helps students in being more confident about learning by allowing students to perform along with their teachers. Another unique thing about Tanglewood is also their charity involvements. They support many organizations like the National cancer centre, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, KK hospital etc. through their charity initiates.

Replugged Music School

Established in 2002 as the 1st pop music school in Singapore, Replugged still specializes in pop music. With expert instructors, they are committed to helping everyone learn music. Replugged is also the best place to be if you are a beginner with no music knowledge. They help beginners learn with ease and focus only on Ukulele as it is the easiest instrument to learn. Moreover, they already have experience working with large corporates for music events.

Aureus Academy

Being one of the leading academies in Singapore, Aureus has a lot to offer for everyone. They have over 18,000 students enrolled and more than 20 locations across the island. They offer many types of classes like one-on-one sessions, classes for children, and instrument specific classes. One of the best things about organizing your wellness activity with Aureus is the convenience of doing it online as well. Well equipped staff, instruments, and state-of-the-art facilities are what Aureus offers.

Intune Music

If you are in tune to become the best musician, singer, or pop star, you must check out Intune Music. The academy was established in 2007 and their team is dedicated to help people excel in creative pursuits. The instructors have been trained internationally and proclaim a combined teaching experience of over 35 years. You can learn a wide range of things at Intune from song writing to singing. If you are lucky, you might even get a chance to be a part of actual music production. Intune works with several reputed clients to produce quality music. If your team has talented musicians looking for opportunities, you know where to take them!

Organizing creative activities is different from organizing other types of activities. These activities need much more resources, engagement, and planning. Also, involving your team members in the planning stage will help in preventing any disappointments with the activity. Be as creative as possible and let your teams quench their creative interests.