Best climbing gyms in Singapore

Corporate wellness has always been one of the priorities for building a positive organizational culture. But it was never enforced beyond perks like fitness events occasionally or health insurance programs. The pandemic has proven that employee wellbeing is no longer an option. It was being reinforced by organizations in an unprecedented way and employers started embracing employee wellness with more empathy. Remote wellness events like mindfulness sessions are a testament to this.

Post pandemic as employees started returning to offices, the onus on employers to implement wellness programs is higher than ever. Employees are no longer looking for monetary perks alone. They are looking for organizations that are committed to employee wellness, a positive organizational culture, and holistic ways of career development.

Therefore, in the new normal employers are organizing several corporate wellness events in the post pandemic world. Some of the common ones are yoga events, team building games, therapy classes etc.

Climbing is one such activity that can be explored. It has the spirit of both being a wellness activity and a fun event to bond with other team members.

Here are our recommendations for the ten best climbing gyms in Singapore to host your next corporate wellness event:

Boulder Planet

This isn’t your regular gym where the focus is only on physical fitness. Boulder Planet is serious about building a community that is progressive, safe, fun, and climate aware. While it may sound odd on this list, Boulder Planet as their name suggests is one of the only gyms that believes in a sustainable lifestyle. They ensure that all their stakeholders also have the same sustainable ethos. They source their apparel and climbing gear from retail partners who manufacture them sustainably. Their core values are that, Nothing is out of reach and People for the Planet. They are driven, focused, and are striving to build a community that defies challenges.

Boulder Planet

Images from Boulder Planet

If you are looking to host an event that is not only fun but also instils the core values of your organization in your teams, you need not look further. Boulder Planet can be your go to place. With a positive mindset and community building programs, it is one of the perfect places for your event.

Upwall Climbing

This is a facility which is meant for climbers with all levels of expertise. Does not matter whether your team has beginners or experts, Upwall is determined to make sure there is something for everyone. They offer a special lane for those with no climbing experience. It is an indoor climbing facility located in the East that is open almost every day. And they are not just about having a set of walls, they offer climbing classes and private programs too.

Upwall Climbing

Image from Upwall Climbing

If you are interested in making things spicier, they are hosting a climbing carnival at the end of the month in which you can consider participating along with your team. Or how about a customized carnival for your team members? A customized carnival with lots of good food will surely be nothing less of a memorable activity.

Boulder Movement

If you are looking for a place with a slew of facilities like showers, relaxation area, storage areas etc. then Boulder Movement is for you. They also offer other work outs like cross-fit and Yoga to complement your workout sessions. Spread across 4 locations in Singapore providing easy access, they also offer a free introductory session if your team has all beginners.
With their personal training and two-week trail classes, Boulder Movement can be on the list of your go to places for team building events. You can host some training and team building sessions with their two-week passes where team building is blended with fun and personal wellness.

The Rock School

The founders of The Rock School not only take pride in the sport but also in youth development and techniques associated with climbing. What has begun as a small hobby for them has now evolved into a community space. They specialize in classes for kids and beginners while also offering private sessions. They also offer certifications and customized events for corporates or family occasions.

Ground Up

Ground up can be your perfect choice if you enjoy some guided climbing sessions in groups. For the adrenaline rush and building camaraderie, a fun team building event at Ground Up can be your best bet. They specialize in events, courses, private sessions, and all other things climbing related. It is also a great place to have your kids and family along.

Boulder World

This is a place that has something for people of all ages. You can take your corporate wellness event a notch up by allowing your team members to join with their families. Boulder World has kid friendly classes and is willing to customize events for corporate clients. They have over 100 different boulder programs and your team will surely never get bored.


If you are looking for an activity away from the hustle bustle of the island, you can consider hosting an event at Oyeyo. It is led by passionate founders and a community that loves the sport. For beginners, the community of climbers is more than willing to extend the necessary support. They also offer courses for those interested in learning the sport deeper.

Kinetics Climbing

This is one of the premium bouldering gyms in Singapore with the founder and instructors being extremely passionate about the sport. Rather than being a large facility with too many options, Kinetics is for those looking to immerse themselves in the sport. Regardless of your team’s expertise in the sport, you can get the best value from the sport for your team from Kinetics climbing. They also sell climbing gear and customized corporate team building events.

Climb Central

This place must be on your choice if your team members are all novices in rock climbing or if they are doing it for the first time. Climb Central is very beginner friendly and has safety briefing sessions for first time climbers. The instructors are friendly and most of their locations are within shopping malls. The best part of this is you can get a day pass for your team and begin the adventure. When your team needs to refill or rejuvenate, they can take a break in the shopping centres or indulge in shopping breaks. Do check them out if you plan on a fun day out in the city with your team.

Clip n Climb

Located at the far east in Our Tampines Hub, Clip n Climb is a climbing theme park. It features 19 exciting climbing challenges such as Tetris game to strands of a DNA. If your team loves adventures filled with a combo of adrenaline and intellectual stimulation, this must be your go to spot. The challenges require both brains and muscles to complete and your team might forget midway through that they are simply climbing walls! The packages are affordable too. While you are there, you can also explore their other offerings as the gym is in the adventure centre.

While it is important to choose a good place for your activity, what matters more is your organization’s commitment to employee wellness. If you are strongly committed to it, you can organize these events regularly and see an improvement in employee motivation. When employees believe that their employers care about their wellbeing, they are more likely to go beyond their call of duty. Nonetheless, employee wellness is no longer optional, it is a mandatory part of the HR check list.