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5 Keys to building a Great Company Culture

When hiring millennials, it’s essential to have a great company culture. Despite being stereotyped as job-hoppers, millennials value loyalty. Millennials are often very loyal employees and in turn, expect commitment from their employers. Following are five keys in building a great culture for your company that will ensure your employees feel valued and supported.   […]

How can you encourage your boss to pay more attention to you?

Have you been working your socks off lately? Are you even doing overtime to shed the increasing workload? Are you putting in a whole-hearted effort to make a difference at your organization? But still, after clocking in all those extra hours and having an unmistakably dedicated approach towards your professional development your boss always ends […]

Team Building Ideas For 2019 In Singapore

BREAKING BARRIERS This is a team building activity that helps the teammates gain self-awareness, get motivated and increase their confidence. The activity involves using wood boards as a metaphor for the barriers that impede us from achieving our goal. Everyone in the team will relate their personal barriers to the wood boards by writing the […]