Best Yoga Classes & Studios in Singapore

As the world emerges out of the pandemic, organizations are faced with a dilemma on the future of work. While the pandemic has busted many myths around remote work, many employers are encouraging employees to either fully return to offices or adopt the hybrid mode of work.

However, not all employees seem to be ready to the shift. The great resignation wave and increasing number of employees opting for flexible work schedules meant that employers must strive harder to retain quality talent.

Employee retention post pandemic is no longer about monetary benefits but rather about providing employees an improved work environment. Employee mental health, which was once a stigma is now a priority for employers.

Although corporate wellness programs have always existed, they have become more predominant during the pandemic. Employers started resorting to remote team building activities and remote wellness programs to keep employees motivated. Nevertheless, there has always been a dearth of corporate wellness programs that address employee well being in a holistic way.

As employees started returning to offices, employee well being has been reinforced like never before. With the great resignation wave and employees increasingly being vocal about having work-life balance, flexibility in jobs, and empathetic work environments, corporate wellness programs are now beyond a mandate. They are not mere employee retention tools, but they have become a testament to organizational culture.

The pandemic has proven that wellness is no longer an option and employee mental health can jeopardize business if not given a priority. Therefore, leaders of organizations across the globe today embrace employee wellness as an integral part of delivering purpose, fulfilment, and a positive work environment to employees.

Although there are several kinds of corporate wellness programs, mindfulness and yoga have always been the most preferred. As yoga is a holistic activity that not only improves physical wellbeing but also invokes a sense of belonging and spirituality, it has been a top choice for employers for decades.

However, yoga has been garnering more demand post-pandemic owing to the mental health crisis the pandemic has caused. Mental health apps in Singapore too have reported experiencing unprecedented growth post-pandemic with majority of the demand coming from enterprise and corporate clients.

With the corporate world preparing for the new normal post-pandemic, yoga has been the most touted wellness programs globally. So, here are 10 best yoga classes or studios in Singapore to conduct your next corporate wellness activity.

10 Best Yoga Classes or Studios in Singapore

1. Vyasa Yoga

The team behind Vyasa Yoga & Ayurveda Singapore has a collective experience of over 40 years training over 3000 Yoga instructors in Singapore who have now setup their own Yoga studios locally and internationally.

Vyasa Yoga was founded in 2011 with the goal of spreading the art of Yoga, primarily by being the oldest yoga instruction school in Singapore, prioritizing health benefits, and yoga as a therapeutic approach with scientific evidence.

They have also conducted workshops with Apple, Shell, Microsoft, Gardens By the Bay, Singapore Tourism Board, Indian High Commission of Singapore, Kindle Kids Kindergarten school, and many other reputed organizations.

Patrons love the professionalism and holistic attitude to yoga in this studio. Here’s a Facebook 5-star review from Puikheng Lim that explains you why:

“I joined 200 hours yoga instructor course in Nov 2020. This course introduces basic of yoga. Everyone with passion in yoga could join. The primary knowledge I learned from this course increased my feelings of appreciation during practicum. Vyasa has provided a pleasant learning environment and great support to students. Thank you, all teachers, at Vyasa. I’m very happy to meet new friends who share same yoga passion at Vyasa.”

Vyasa Yoga

Image from Vyasa Yoga Studio, Singapore

2. Union Yoga Ayurveda

If you are spiritually inclined and consider yoga a lifestyle rather than workout, Union Yoga Ayurveda will be the best choice for you. It has been founded by a group of Yoga and Ayurveda professionals and is spread across Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong. They offer a variety of certifications and ayurveda trainings along with yoga sessions. Their team of professionals also offer consultations to common health conditions like diabetes, women’s health, chronic pains etc. Their courses can also be offered as perks to employees rather than a one-off wellness activity. However, this studio may not be your best bet if your team has only beginner yogis.

3. Core Collective

Core collective if for you if you are looking for everything related to fitness and wellness under one roof. They have a myriad of services from yoga to beauty and aesthetics. With professionals dedicated to various services like chiropracty, sauna therapy, neuroplasty, etc under their team, they offer something for everyone. It is also the perfect place for your family workout and wellness sessions as they have customized services for kids. Their locations are spread across Singapore and can be great to host your next corporate wellness event.

4. Hom Yoga

As one of the most well-known Yoga studios in Singapore, Hom Yoga also embraces inspiring the community while living consciously. Founder Malavika Kang describes Hom Yoga as a socially conscious studio where proceeds are used for philanthrophic initiatives. Classes are taught by teacher training graduates, creative individuals such as artists, musicians etc and inspire a community living. Hom Yoga is a studio where Yoga is a way of life rather than challenging postures.

5. Yoga Movement

With over 6 locations spread across Singapore and a flagship studio at Orchard, Yoga Movement offers various kinds of yoga classes and wellness events for yoga enthusiasts. They offer a range of classes with multiple difficulty levels and alter the postures to ensure all the participants are catered to. Their themed popup events and Orchard studio with a coffee bar and outdoor patio are a must visit. They are well known for their hot yoga classes too.

6. Pure Yoga

Spread across multiple locations in Singapore that are easily accessible to working professional, Pure Yoga offers various kinds of classes to choose from. You might be confused with which class to pick among the available options. From hot yoga to yoga for new mothers, they offer many varieties of classes. They also have on site shower and relaxation facilities with a café offering superfood goodies. It is the perfect place to host your next team building event with lots of mindfulness, adrenaline rush, and good food.

7. Freedom Yoga

Unlike other studios on this list, this a cosy studio which focuses on balancing mindfulness and physical activity. For mindfulness and zen practitioners, Freedom yoga offers therapeutic classes that focus on various aspects of wellness like pain relief, stress relief etc. They have two locations i.e Holland Village and River Valley Road which are convenient and only a few steps away from your regular hustle bustle to offload to stress and step into a peaceful journey.

8. Tirisula Yoga

If you plan on getting deeper into yoga and do not want it merely as a form of wellness activity, this is the place to go. Tirisula is the place where aspiring yoga trainers go and practice Yoga with experienced instructors. They not only emphasize the posture techniques but also focus on breathing techniques. Located in Geylang and Kovan, it is a studio for those who want to train with expert Yoga practitioners.

9. Yoga Lab

Yoga lab is a unique place where you can amp up your physical exercise with a combination of Yoga and Barre. It is also a great place for beginner yogis as the studio offers different levels of classes from beginners to experienced yogis. Depending on how you adjust to the flow and intensity you can switch classes and progress. They also offer some affordable packages that start with 5 classes. So, you do not have to go all in before you are comfortable.

10. On Good Ground

Another studio on the list that offers both Yoga and Barre. They have several intriguing varieties of classes from Vinyasa Yoga to Ballet Barre. Located near Paya Lebar in Joo Chiat Road, the founders are passionate about various mindfulness practices and welcome both beginners and experiences practitioners. If you are looking to host your next corporate wellness event here, they also have customizable corporate wellness programs available

Corporate wellness is no longer about offering perks or a pass to a local gym or yoga studio. As evident with the great resignation wave, the millennial workforce is looking for permanent flexible or remote roles. Bringing employees back to offices post-pandemic is about helping them find purpose, motivation, and fulfilment in workplace. Therefore, organizations need to invest on building meaningful relationships between team members, prioritize employee mental health, and integrate organizational culture with employee wellbeing.