Thor: Finding Mjölnir

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Odin, the ruler of Asgard, had always hoped for a son who was stronger than him to succeed to his throne. To prove their worth to their father, Loki and Thor fought each other. Unfortunately, not only did Thor suffer a defeat, he also lost his powers and his weapon – the Mjölnir.

As citizens of Asgard, your team needs to help Thor find the Mjölnir before this mighty hammer falls into evil hands and hell breaks loose. The search for Mjölnir is split into two parts and both parts are packed with puzzles that will push you to rack your brain and think out of the box (even though your head is in a box, literally). You may think that the knowledge you have learnt in school is no longer applicable in life, but this escape room will prove you wrong. Yet, beware. Danger is lurking... a wrong step can trap you in a dead end. Sharpen your mind, peel your eyes wide open, be sensitive to the slightest details, and work together as a team to help Thor and save Asgard. Are you ready to prove your worth as a team and possess the power of Thor?

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  • Challenging puzzles that are wide in variety – the puzzles may be mathematical in nature, or they may require association skills, hands-on skills and even sensitivity to details
  • Unique escape room experience that can help team members to know one another better in a fun environment
  • The escape room has 9 different areas like the 9 realms in Marvel Comics; the fans would love this element


  • Delegation of work will come in handy as the team needs to solve many puzzles within a short time limit
  • Understanding one another’s strengths and weaknesses and complement one another in the team
  • Cultivating an eye for details when solving the puzzles as a team
  • Bragging rights if you find the Mjölnir