The Values Game

Values Game Team Building
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It is believed that an individual's values are interlinked with how one lives, acts and works. These values influence their choices and the way they respond to situations. In this game, participants will be grouped into teams of 6 to 8 members, and challenged to make decisions that will test their values!

The Values Game will gather informative knowledge on how your employees uphold the values of the company in their daily working life. They will be faced with various scenarios, all designed to test your employees on how they interpret and respond under pressure and uncertainty . Will their values be compromised? Or will they uphold them?

By the end of the session, these complex questions will be answered. Not only that, teams will be sharing their reasonings and motives for the decisions they made. This will seek to align the company's culture and values with that of the employees, creating a cohesive bond between the team and the company.

Jambar Team Building is happy to personalize this game for you and offer this experience for your team! Interested about this challenge? Contact us now to get to know more about it.



  • Members get to understand each other more exclusively and at a more personal level, in terms of ones values and beliefs.
  • A tablet-based, gameboard experience. 
  • “Communication is key!”, team members will be required to communicate and agree on a consensus.


  • Promotes a better energy within your team.
  • Participate in some challenges and quizzes that will test on your intellectual thinking.
  • Promotes communication and understanding between team members.