The CrossTeamWord Challenge

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The CrossTeamWord Challenge is the perfect mini activity to challenge your colleagues on their knowledge of your company values and more! Not only you will have a great time with your team but this activity serves as a powerful tool that builds both team spirit and knowledge of your company’s culture.

The CrossTeamWord Challenge encourages teams to step out of their comfort zones to get to know each other better and to speak their minds out in an exciting environment of challenge and culture.

Want to customize the CrossTeamWord challenge for your Team? Drop us an enquiry to find out more!



  • 15 - 30 mins Short Activity
  • An Unique crossword puzzle will be presented in a giant format (1.5 meters high and several meters wide)
  • Teams will have to work together to look for the clues to solve the puzzle
  • Individuals will be able to learn more about both their colleagues and company


  • Involves the entire team coming together to solve the whole puzzle
  • Encourages teams to communicate with each other to effectively and efficiently solve the puzzle together
  • Strengthen your team's bond by collaborating to complete the challenge