The Chain Reaction Challenge

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The Chain Reaction Challenge caters to the need for teamwork and hands-on experience. So get your handyman cap on and working together as a team build your very own topple paradise. This team building activity incorporates a twist on the creative building challenge with its multitude of tricks and obstacles.

The objective of this challenge is to build a creative chain reaction that will topple down in domino style in one take! The teams will be provided all the materials needed ranging from domino blocks, cardboard planks, ping pong balls, balloons, levers and pipes to help them achieve this objective. They will also be informed on how long the route has to be and the start and end points. Teams will be scored on their creativity, structure and aesthetics.

The Chain Reaction challenge is for sure a fun way to spur teamwork and creativity in your corporate function.

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  • Each team builds a course applying different types of chain reaction tricks.
  • Team have to ensure that the whole chain reaction can be executed in one single take.
  • Teams win points based on the criteria given.


  • Promotes creativity and communication between team members.
  • Challenges players to think strategically to achieve the main goal of the game.
  • Building process requires interaction and effective delegation of roles.