The Catch’em All Challenge

Challenge yourself and your team in Jambar’s very own adaptation of the game that has taken the world by storm! In this brand new Pokemon-themed premium teambuilding activity, you will need teamwork, communication, and lightning-fast decision making skills to succeed. In-game missions come in four yummy flavours: treasure hunt, pop-up puzzle contest, photo challenge and Pokemon gym battle.

In The Catch’em All Challenge, each team receives a starting map showing a number of PokeStations where they can compete in fun group challenges to win pokeballs and, most importantly, directions to hotspots where Pokemon are spawning, ready to be captured.

It is crucial for team members to strategize an effective approach which allows them to play to their strengths. Missions are designed to ensure that everyone will be contributing to the final outcome. The number and variety of tasks that make up this unique activity means that efficient time-management is a must.

Want a totally new and exciting Pokémon-hunting experience? Contact us to learn more about the many ways we can customise this event for you and your team now!


  • Catch Pokémon while completing team-based challenges
  • Advanced technology allows for unique real-game experiences
  • Timed pop-up challenges, including catching powerful rare Pokemon


  • A perfect activity for both Pokémon lovers and naysayers
  • Missions and tasks geared to encourage strategizing and bonding
  • Team conversation and communication are crucial for success