The Acapella Challenge

Acapella Challenge Musical Team Building
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The Acapella Challenge serves as a platform to bring one of the internet’s biggest craze to you! This activity will definitely be a hit with fans of the movie, Pitch Perfect, as well as those who enjoy music!

This Challenge allows teams to interact, create a storyboard, record and layer videos creating different harmonies, and of course live out their inner super star! Venture into this musical team bonding journey and recreate your all time favourite songs!

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  • Teams have to be creative when recording their acapella video
  • Teams will have to work together to storyboard their ideas
  • Teams will be recreating the most recent top hits in their videos


  • “Music makes the world go round”, this activity gets colleagues to bond through music.
  • Different and one-of-a-kind team bonding challenge that forces participants to step out of their comfort zones
  • Experience and understand why the Acapella Challenge has taken the internet by storm