Stranded On Mars

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Stranded On Mars is the latest space themed Escape the Room game created by Jambar Team Building, inspired by the famous movie “The Martian”. In this game, teams have 90 minutes to save themselves from a violent storm that has damaged their equipment and spacecraft. Surrounded by atmospheric mysteries, teams will have to work together to investigate clues, solve interactive hands-on puzzles and crack secret codes, in order to restart the spacecraft and make it back to Earth.

Do you want to create your own story during the game? Our multiple storylines will demand that you weigh your choices carefully, as the wrong decision can lead you to a dead-end… and the clock is ticking! Stranded On Mars is so much more than a classic Escape the Room game: not only will you be tested with challenging brain-teasers and puzzles, but you will be required to activate all your senses, think “out of space” and turn the mind game into a complete multi-sensory experience.

Will you find your way home or will you be trapped forever on the Red Planet? Take up the challenge now and join us for a memorable mission in outer space!



  • All team members are equally involved
  • 50% hands-on puzzles favor communication and collaboration
  • Multiple storylines allow teams to determine their own story


  • Promotes cooperation and communication between team members
  • Different decision making will lead to different results
  • Team work is the only way to “survive”