Rain Storm Activity

rain storm activity team building

Rain storm activity is a 15-30 minute activity that gets the whole crowd to join together to actively participate in creating the harmony of rain storms by just simply using body percussions.
This team building activity gets you off your seat and up on your feet to create the different vibrations and sounds of a rain storm! Clap your hands, stomp your feet, snap your fingers and create an incredibly realistic thunderstorm with your colleagues, right there in the room!

So come along, join us and create something thunderous!

This activity is a fun and unique way to show you how much of a difference it makes when you makes the sound alone and when you have the whole team with you working together on the same pace (same goal). As the saying goes,”a single arrow is easily broken but not ten in a bundle”.

Talk to us on collaborating and we’ll customise this activity for your team for your next corporate function.


  • 15 – 30 minute short activity.
  • Participants gets to create the sound of rainstorm using body movements.
  • An engaging Ice Breaker activity that involves everyone to participate.


  • Stimulates circulation and energy with the participants.
  • Unique way to understand how we achieve more on working together.
  • Encourages participation and involvement of each individual member.