The Indoor Creative Challenge

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The Indoor Creative Challenge is a stimulating, team building activity in which teams race to solve puzzles and accomplish missions through tablet-based gameplay.

Best played in large indoor spaces, you and your teammates will have to interact with your surroundings and each other to complete each mission and score the most points. Teams receive questions and tasks through their tablets. Answer trivia, search for objects, and take pictures of your team in a series of surprising and quirky activities. Expect the unexpected! Bonding and laughs are guaranteed, as you and your teammates learn to lean on each other in your race up the leaderboard.

A great way to bring energy and teamwork to any corporate get together. Contact us now to bring this stimulating, creative, and fun-filled activity to your next event.

Looking to make your event unlike any other in Singapore? Talk to us about the ways we can add custom content or visual splashes to make The Indoor Creative Challenge unique for you and your team.



  • Players are divided into teams, each with a tablet.
  • Use your surroundings to your advantage in a series of puzzles and activities.
  • Work quickly as a team to rack up points and shoot up the leaderboard!


  • Brings people together with a variety of tasks and activities.
  • Interactive gameplay forces teams to get creative.
  • Teaches players to respond to unexpected developments.


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