Bicycle Scavenger Hunt

It’s time for us to put our cars and GPS aside, and hop on the bikes and hold on to the maps!

In Bicycle Scavenger Hunt, one of our most popular scavenger hunts, participants go back to basics. Teams will need to cycle from one checkpoint to another. At each checkpoint, there will be an activity for the teams to complete. These activities vary from tests of one’s strength and willpower to brainteasers. Here’s the catch, the checkpoints are scattered far apart and each of them carries a different number of points. In order to emerge victorious, teams will need to discuss and plan their routes strategically.

Will your team have the brainpower and physical demands to earn the most points and outshine the rest? This bicycle challenge will create a phenomenal sense of achievement and can be designed to cater to all levels of mobility and fitness. This activity can be held at various locations such as East Coast Park, Bukit Timah, Pulau Ubin and around the Central area of Singapore where the nature and magnificent architectures meet.

Contact us today to customise this challenge just for your company!


  • Teams will need to discuss and strategise which checkpoints to visit
  • This Hunt can cater to different audience, be it outdoor lovers, avid cyclists, the explorers and even the curious-minded
  • The time limit for Bicycle Scavenger Hunt push teams to stretch their potential and give their best in order to win the game


  • Collaboration and teamwork between the team members
  • Decision-making skills contemplating which checkpoints to give up, and which to head to
  • Forging bonds between members
  • Cultivating the never-give-up attitude as the members push their physical limits throughout the Hunt