Construction Based Activities

F1 Challenge Team Building

The F1 Challenge

The F1 Challenge is a blend of  artistic design phase combined with a race, as teams craft custom cars and put them to the test

Bridging the Gap team building

Bridging the Gap

Work together with your team to construct a section of elevated racetrack with strict specifications, using limited materials and collaborate to race down the track with remote control cars.

Chain Reaction Team Building

The Chain Reaction Challenge

Together with your team, build a creative structure and trigger off a chain reaction in domino style in a single take!

Cardboard Boat Building Team Building

The Cardboard Boat Building Challenge

Teams have to come together to construct a boat made entirely out of cardboard and sail against one another in the final race!

Creative Putting Team Building

The Creative Putting Challenge

Design and build a playable mini putt-hole with your team and get to put your mini-golf skills to test at the end of the build phase.

The Red Baron Challenge Team Building

The Red Baron Challenge

A test of creativity and teamwork – construct an aircraft and put it to the test by flying it in an airshow-style competition. Remember, the sky’s the limit!

Catapult Challenge Team Building

The Catapult Challenge

Using your team’s very own constructed catapult, defend your fortress as you face off other teams in a warfare!

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