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Company Retreats – Overseas

Have you been wanting to hold an overseas retreat but have been struggling with the planning and implementation? Jambar Team Building might just have the solution that you have been looking for, whether you are interested in challenging your staff or looking into promoting cohesion amongst the team. In a short period of 4 years, we have successfully brought more than 50 companies to over 8 spots in Asia. Committed to deliver a memorable retreat for companies, we will go the extra mile to customise your event. Contact us today for an unforgettable overseas company retreat!

Benefits of Overseas Team Building

  • Take part in physical activities that may not be available in your country
  • Spend quality time with your colleagues and build stronger bonds with them
  • Visit places you would never have thought of before

Hot spots

2D1N Overseas Retreat Highlights

  • Penang

  • BALI

  • Johor Bahru

  • Kota Tinggi

  • India

  • Brunei

  • Hong Kong

  • Batam

  • Kuala Lumpur

  • Bintan

  • Dubai

  • China

Sharleen Lim, Pizza Hut

The session was fun, enjoyable and informative. I have actually learnt a lot from James during the few hours, and it was great to actually know your colleague more other than just work related. I felt that everyone had quite a good laugh and were enjoying the session. The team activity were very well planned and we can see lots of team working very well together. Hats off to Jambar and I will definitely refer to anyone who is interested to having the same activity.

Sharleen Lim, Pizza Hut19 May 2017
7 - Eleven

Jambar has a great team of people. They look after your every need from start to finish during our event. Everyone is constantly kept engaged during all segments of our event. Most of all, their activities are always fun and upbeat. Even when your energy level has dipped after a high energy activity, the Jambar team will always find a way to motivate you to continue giving your best and enable you to get the most out of the whole event. Great job! And thank you very much!! 

7 - Eleven28 April 2017