Team Building Singapore

Meeting The Needs of PCS Security

 When PCS Security approached us about organizing their corporate team building event, they had a very specific outcome in mind. They wanted to underline the different positions within the chain of communication to their team.


Well, communication is not always as easy or straight forward as it seems to be. PCS Security wanted their employees to be more aware that every position in the chain of communication comes with different challenges.


A manager, for example, is burdened with having a vision of what should be done. Being in the beginning of the chain, if management is misunderstood a chain reaction of mistakes occurs. Managers need to clearly communicate with the middle man for the message to be relayed to Operations correctly. In many cases, the materialization of a miscommunication is only seen once Operations have done their job. Where the mistake ‘started’ is difficult to track because the information travels through multiple people. The problem here is that it is often Operations who are ultimately blamed for the mistake.


But how could we show Operations that managing people isn’t as easy as they might think while showing the managers that some mistakes made by Operations could just be because of unclear communication?
Do you have any idea of how to incorporate all of that into one activity?


Well, in the beginning, neither did we! There are dozens of different activities that underline the importance of communication during corporate team building events, but they didn’t quite seem to fit the bill.


So what did we do?


We hit the drawing board! Our team got together and started to brainstorm and bounce ideas off of each other until we developed our newest game – The Mind Stretcher. It was great fun to get the opportunity to do what we do best which is get those creative juices flowing. To create games that are fun but also have a learning outcome for corporate team building events can be challenging but its what sets our team apart from the rest. When our wide variety of customizable games and activities don’t fully meet the needs of a client, we will happily take on the thrill of designing a new game!


So what did we come up with?


Well! Simply said we reversed the chain of communication. The participants would experience how it feels to be in their colleague’s shoes. Operations were put into the role of needing to communicate a vision and the managers had the challenge of materializing the vision into action.


And you know what?


It was amazing. The participants struggled with their new positions and gained respect for their colleagues in different positions. We received great feedback and were thrilled that it took the effect that we had hoped for.


That is the amazing thing about being a part of Jambar Team Building – our successes are broad. When Jambar succeeds at what we do – well that creates a ripple effect of helping a multitude of people spanning over different companies, markets and countries.

Jambar Team Building and YUM Asia!

One of the best experiences when it comes to team building in Singapore is related to the uniqueness of the venue and the activities performed there. Yum! Asia – KFC had one of the most interesting team building activities because they opted for something interesting, refined and filled with a lot of potential for their team. All of these activities were performed with the help of Jambar Team Building, the best and highest quality team building activities provider in Singapore.

Right from the start, the venue they chose for their team building Singapore was one of a kind. The venue was Rasa Sentosa, one of the best and most refined places for such an activity. Speaking of that, Yum Asia did opt for a great objective, which was team bonding and a better understanding of one another in a very demanding, competitive environment.

The whole indoor team building and outdoor team building experience didn’t take more than half a day, and the weather was cloudy, albeit a little drizzling, something that was more than perfect for the chosen activity. It was a wonderful day and a stunning activity to perform, something that all participants remembered and enjoyed!

Instead of opting for the normal activities that team building companies in Singapore offer, the hype up participants chose one of the most interesting activities out there, in the form of the Wild Goats Interactive Tablet Challenge. This is a very cool activity to begin with, and being able to play it with the whole team from your workplace is really fun. In order to make the most out of this activity, the participants had to be broken into teams of 7 people each, and the activity actually included a special moment.

For Yum Asia this was the perfect team building experience as it allowed the participants to unwind and have a great time while playing these very interesting, demanding activities.

Once the activity was finalized, there was even a wrap up session to the whole indoor team building and outdoor team building experience with the help of a tea break. Wild Goats Interactive Tablet challenge is one of the most interesting team building activities that you can check out right now, and it was received with flying colors by the team at Yum Asia. Everyone had a great time and they enjoyed every moment of it!

After the team building Singapore activity was over, the winners got a set of cool shirts which included numerous creative taglines specifically designed by the community.

All the participants had a great time with the team building Singapore session, and even if they were a little tired in the end, the experience was well worth it! It was an amazing day for everyone, a day that they want to repeat over and over!

In fact, all the Yum Asia employees that attended the experience had nothing but positive comments about the whole experience. From the great organization to the good mix of challenges and technology from the tablets, everything was applauded and this definitely makes the whole experience one that they would repeat again and again. If you want to experience a similar team building Singapore session to the one that Yum Asia did, contact Jambar Team Building right away and we will be more than happy to help your company get the best possible experience!

A Day with Zuellig Pharma!

Jambar Team Building meets Zuellig Pharma for another great Wild Goats Challenge in Clarke Quay – January 2015

After many Team Building activities played around this beautiful sunny island with some of the most renewed local and international companies, this time round, we had the honour of running an event for a group of enthusiastic and zealous people from Zuellig Pharma.


Their aim was to “Increase Collaboration” and so we customized our flagship activity, the Wild Goats Challenge, with a lot of challenges that required the teams to work together to achieve certain objectives.


To heat the atmosphere up, our Jambar’s Lead Facilitator Barbara Maneschi immediately managed to engage the participants by gathering them in a large circle and kick-start with a warm up activity that involved attentively listening to the instructions of jumping in different directions without making any mistake. This section totally cracked the participants up with their wide grins and hearty laughs.


The momentum was constantly upbeat as the Wild Goats Challenge started off with a bang, with approximately 60 people buzzling around different corners of Clarke Quay, overcoming together the challenges being posted to them via a tablet previously provided to each team.


Teams were scattered around the location taking photos of the teams forming human pyramids, solving puzzles, finding clues, sharing their knowledge and helping each other to solve the challenges to double their points.


After 90 minutes of brains squeezing and low impact physical activities the group reunited at Fern & Kiwi, for a nice drink together while eagerly waiting for the announcement of the winning team.


Before the grand finale, a beautiful musical photo slideshow showing the best photos taken during the event was projected. Focused eyes, shy looks and some amused facial expressions with occasional giggles surfacing on the participants’ faces could be seen all around the room, proving the success and the enjoyment of the event.

Finally, the best teams were awarded according to different categories, from the most creative team (who had to draw a portrait of their team) to the best actors (who had to act for 1 minute in from of one of the organizer, mimicking the scene of a movie played on the tablet) to the most collaborative team.


It was another of those successful event where we saw the participants leaving and thanking us not only for the fun but for the great take always and lessons learned through the activities, the debriefing and the teachings of our lead facilitator.

Jambar Team Building Releases Indoor Creative Challenge

Jambar Team Building is proud to announce the launch of its Indoor Creative Challenge.

3rd March, Singapore — The Indoor Creative Challenge is an indoor variation of its flagship game, the Wild Goats Challenge, an interactive game played fully on tablet computers. A highly engaging game, the Indoor Creative Challenge promises participants tremendous fun condensed into an hour and a half.

In this game, people are split into teams of five or six, and compete against each other to complete a series of missions, where each mission is communicated to the team through a tablet or smartphone, and the successful completion of each garners the team a number of points.

Encompassing brainteasers, trivia, photos of the team in various poses, scavenger hunts for special codes, and much more, expect a great deal of mental and physical stimulation, where everyone in the team has contributions to make. Creativity, teamwork, time management. All these will be key to beating the various missions and the game.

To make the game even more exciting, teams are given the opportunity to see how they are faring against the competition through the interactive leader board which allows them to see not only their score, but also their standing. However, the leader board does more than just show scores. It also has a function to show photos and comments made by the various teams, virtually instantaneously as they are taken or made, respectively.

Played indoors, the game is ideal for companies looking to organise a team building event of low-to-medium intensity in a comfortable, relaxed setting. Whether played in the morning, afternoon, or night, be sure that the game will certainly satisfy the needs of any organisation.

At Jambar Team Building, we will help you optimise your team through team building activities, customisable according to your preference. For more information about the Indoor Creative Challenge and other programmes offered by Jambar Team Building, check out our website here. Alternatively, to contact us, call us at +65 6651 4624 or email us at

Jambar Successful Completes the Inaugural Nordea Challenge

Jambar Team Building successfully runs its popular interactive Wild Goat’s Challenge in Resorts World Sentosa with Nordea, Singapore.

 On 13th February 2014, the Nordea team successfully completed the Wild Goat’s Challenge on the sunny island of Sentosa, Singapore. The Wild Goat’s Challenge – one of Jambar’s most coveted interactive games on offer, requires participants to answer a series of questions and tasks given through a tablet that they must complete within a time period.

Although small in numbers, the Nordea team more than made up for it when they arrived with an open-mind, an eagerness to have fun and willingness to strengthen company bonds.

It was really fantastic to see that throughout the initial icebreaker game of  Untangle the Nordea team seemed already to be at ease and very comfortable around one another. Although they were unable to successfully complete the game, it did not dampen their spirits and in fact the team continued to share inside jokes about some sticky situations they were putting themselves in during the game.

Following the game of Untangle, the teams were split in to two teams. The teams were then given the safety and game briefing by Jambar’s Kristle Ng. The teams were based around Beach Station for the first few minutes answering questions such as: what is the most recycled material in the world? Or, how many litres of blood does the average adult have?

Following this, teams were asked to make their way to Resorts World Sentosa via monorail during which they continued to perform challenges such as juggling water bottles. Upon arriving at Resorts World teams were actively trying to complete challenges and questions around the area, such as two members of the group performing a handstand whilst someone else takes a picture.

One of the highlights of this event was the acting scene which teams participated in towards the end of the game. The scene which teams performed was a clip from the 1986 film “Crocodile Dundee” where teams enacted a robbery scene. What made this challenge so interesting is that participants were forced to integrate their own props and personality into the given script.

At this point, time became the major aspect of the game where teams were forced to strategise in order to answer and complete as many of the remaining challenges and questions, and to ensure they returned to the finish point in the time stipulated by organizers during the briefing.

After both teams successfully completed the Wild Goat’s Challenge, teams were then asked to present some of the self-portraits and haiku poems that they had created during the challenge. These presentations provided lots of laughter and a real sense of cohesiveness between all team members involved. Following this Kristle delivered the debriefing to the Nordea team who then followed up the team building event with a company dinner at Quayside Isle.

Nordea Playing The Wild Goats Challenge in Resorts World Sentosa

A Major International Swiss Bank Takes on Jambar Team Building’s Wild Goats Challenge

Jambar Team Building is proud to announce the addition of a major international Swiss bank to Jambar’s list of clients who have completed the Wild Goats Challenge.

12th February 2014 at Clarke Quay, Singapore— Fifty-six employees from a major international Swiss bank gathered at Clarke Quay to partake in the Wild Goats Challenge. Pioneered by Jambar Team Building, the Wild Goats Challenge is an interactive trivia game played on tablet computers which requires teams to complete various tasks in order to accumulate points in a competition against each other.

After the participants were brought together for a photograph, as a prelude to the day’s activities they were separated into teams to play a round of Untangle, a game where teams work together to form a circle by unravelling a knot of arms and hands.

Then given a short brief by Jambar’s Barbara Maneschi where she explained the gameplay, teams quickly found themselves scrambling all over Clarke Quay trying to complete various tasks, such as having to take photographs of objects or themselves in specific poses, while answering trivia, in order to earn as many points as they could within in an hour and a half.

One of the highlights of the game was the Acting Scene, where teams had to re-enact a scene from the 1986 film “Crocodile” Dundee.  The challenge was made more difficult by their having to create makeshift props out of the resources they had on hand, and participants had to stretch their creativity and imagination in order to satisfy the task’s requirements before they would be awarded points.

Another highlight of the game comprised a task where teams had to collaborate with their competitors in order to spell the word ‘Singapore’ using their bodies as letters, a task designed to promote co-operation over competition.

As the game reached its conclusion, the participants retired to their office to make their toilette before being ferried to TungLok Teahouse at Far East Square, where they had their taste buds tempted by a scintillating selection of exquisite Chinese dishes. Concurrently, the participants had their eyes treated to a photograph montage compiled by Jambar Team Building, and prizes were given out to all who had done exceptionally well during the course of the day.

At the conclusion of the whole event, everyone was left in high spirits. Representatives further commented: “We would be happy to recommend Jambar based on the very professional approach demonstrated and the success of the activities.” It was truly a great afternoon and evening which was enjoyed by all.


Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore Successfully Completes Jambar’s Creative Putting Challenge

Jambar Team Building is pleased to congratulate the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore on their successful completion of the Creative Putting Challenge.

Friday, 7th February 2014, at the Changi Airport Recreation Club— Jambar Team Building, Singapore’s premiere team building consultants, has a panoply of programmes available, all designed to satisfy a client’s team building needs. One of these is the Creative Putting Challenge. A programme where participants get to design and build their very own mini-golf course, the Creative Putting Challenge is an exciting team building game which tests the creativity of participants while facilitating the formation of bonds and establishment of rapport.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) had the opportunity to experience the Creative Putting Challenge first-hand, in a team building event which began with a short session of Untangle, an ice-breaking game where team members unravel themselves from a knot of arms and hands.

Following the game of Untangle and a preparatory brief by Jambar’s James Mclauchlan for the ensuing activities, the event continued with the commencement of the Creative Putting Challenge. Teams were given precisely two hours to design and build their mini-golf course, each modelled after world-renowned structures such as the pyramids of Giza. Cardboard and Polyvinyl chloride pipes forming the core of materials provided for them to construct their miniatures, participants had to venture beyond their comfort zones to think of ways to turn the rectangular sheets and cylindrical tubes into a viable course. Further given obstacles in the form of restrictions such as having to elevate a section of the course above thirty centimetres; and impromptu challenges such as having to build a putter given only the shaft, participants displayed their ingenuity and overcame every hurdle. For instance, one team used a plastic bottle to construct the putter head, while another used a stick of glue.

After two hours of mental and physical stimulation, the teams were given a breather in the adjoining room where there were snacks and drinks laid out for their consumption. Having been revitalised with tea and coffee, the event resumed with teams being given the opportunity to play at each other’s courses. Perhaps the most exciting part of the event, participants roamed from course to course testing out their friends’ creations. Imagine the sense of achievement when participants managed to score holes-in-one, even though it was at a Par 1 course.

The day concluded with a video montage created and compiled by Jambar Team Building, giving participants the chance to recollect and reflect on the day’s events; and a prize presentation ceremony where the teams with the best mini-golf courses were rewarded for their efforts. By the looks of satisfaction and happiness that participants were wearing by the end of the event, amid the raucous and lively laughter, it was clear that Jambar’s Creative Putting Challenge had been a resounding success.

CAAS playing The Creative Putting Challenge


Jambar Team Building Delivers an Extraordinary Team Building Event for FOX International

Jambar Team Building and FOX International Channels Together for the First Time

Jambar Team Building is pleased to announce its premiere collaboration with FOX International Channels at the Port of Lost Wonder, Sentosa

Port of Lost Wonder, Sentosa January 17, 2014— Jambar Team building has successfully organised team building events for many prominent clients in the past. Now, Jambar Team Building has added FOX International Channels to its growing list of clients, with its first ever collaboration with the organisation during FOX Fiesta 2014, an event aimed at improving relations between the staff at FOX International Channels.

Following the opening speech by Jason de la Peña, presenter for FOX Sports, Jambar Team Building’s James Mclauchlan took over with an engaging and energising briefing outlining the day’s itinerary. The event then began with a session of Untangle, a game which requires teams to- as its name suggests- untangle themselves from a discombobulation of intertwining arms and hands.

The day continued with a circuit of exhilarating games including ‘Frank on Fire’, where teams had to extinguish a ‘fire’ across a ‘gorge’. Given only 3 buckets, 2 ropes, 2 pieces of wire, and a pole, the challenge arose from teams having to transport water from one side of the ‘gorge’ to teammates on the other, preferably without spilling a drop. With limited resources, participants had their creativity tested to their limits. Furthermore, given additional pressure from a 7-minute time limit, effective communication between teammates was crucial in ensuring they completed the task in the most efficient manner possible.

The teams also engaged in an unorthodox race of ‘Human Wheelbarrow’. Unlike conventional games of ‘Human Wheelbarrow’, participants had to bob for apples at the midpoint of each run, which led to some interesting results, with some plunging their entire heads into the apple bucket in frenzied attempts to catch an apple.

However, out of all the games, the highlight of the circuit was Sand Art, where the teams worked collaboratively to replicate a map of Singapore in the sand. When the game ended, participants were given a sense of accomplishment when they looked at the sand, witnessed the masterpiece that each and every one had played a part in creating, and reflected on the bonds they had forged that day.

Following the event, Jason de la Peña, commented, “It has been wonderful fun…Jambar has done a wonderful job.’ When asked if he would recommend Jambar to other companies, he replied: “Yes I would, without a shadow of a doubt…energetic, full of ideas…I give my huge thumbs up to Jambar Team Building.”

To find out more about Jambar Team Building’s events, projects and partners, contact the Jambar team at +65 6651 4624.

Jambar Team Building & FOX International Channels

Jambar Team Building Organizes a Hit Event for a Whopping 400 Pax at the F1 Pit Building, Singapore

To kick off the new year with a bang, a Singapore governmental organization engaged Jambar Team Building to organize a team-bonding event for 400 of their staff on the 3rd of January 2014. The event started early in the morning with two icebreaker games to warm up the crowd of 48 mixed teams. As the day progressed, it was evident that more bonds were formed alongside with great camaraderie.

Among the 12 stations of telematch games set up for the participants, “Shake it Off” was one of the most well-received. A simple game of two teams pitted against each other, with one team pasting “post-it” notes on the other. The main aim of the game was to shake off all the notes by moving their bodies enthusiastically. Despite the simplicity of the game, it was not easy to remove the “post-it” notes to score points. It was not only interesting but also belly tickling to see grown men moving their bodies in the best ways that they can. So caught up in the game, one of the participants even took off his shirt when time was running out, evidence that the participants enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Another popular game with this client was the “Minefield Challenge” where a make believe minefield was closed off and bags containing valuables had to be hooked out of the minefield. Letting their imagination run, the groups made hooks out of the wires and strings provided. It was heartwarming to see team members cheering on for each other and sharing tips on how to effectively pick the bags up with the make shift hooks they had created.

A ‘Special Mission’ was crafted especially to tailor this client’s team bonding needs. The mission was to create an icon that was close to the heart’s of the participants. 48 groups consecutively worked together; one after another, picking up where the previous team left off. It was clear that teamwork was very strong within the entire company. The final product was a masterpiece that was not only magnificent in sight, but it also triggered a sense of pride within the participants, knowing that they were all part of the mission and they had accomplished the task together as one company.

The event was drawn to a close with a customized cake and a sumptuous buffet lunch. The contented grins of the participants were clear signs of their satisfaction at the day’s events.

To find out more about how Jambar Team Building’s activities and programmes visit


Jambar Team Building Delivers an Innovative Team Building Event for a Singapore Branch of an International Chemical Distribution Company

On Friday 6th December, 49 enthusiastic employees filled with team spirit, dressed in matching company attire showed up at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort for a day of Beach Olympics and The Creative Putting Challenge organized by Jambar Team Building.

It was a sunny and breezy morning, employees were gathered and hyped up for fun and exhilarating outdoor challenges of Beach Olympics. They were distributed into seven teams in total and Beach Olympics kicked-off with a simple warm-up activity, “Knot City”. Employees in their respective teams formed ‘knots’ with each other using their hands. They would then attempt to untangle these ‘knots’ without releasing their hands. Another one of the exciting activities planned in this segment which tested their physical strength and team spirit would be “The Wheel Barrow”. In pairs; one would be in a push-up position and the other one holds his/ her legs for support. Both of them would then head out to collect an apple with their mouths in a bucket of water and eat it before heading back. After a vigorous set of Beach Olympics outdoor activities for about two hours, the employees had a wonderful time and were ready for the next set of indoor team building activities in the afternoon.

Brentag & Jambar Team Building

After a scrumptious buffet lunch, the next part of day’s activity was held in one of the ballrooms at Rasa Sentosa Resort. After wrapping up the morning segment with a slide-show of pictures and medal presentation to the winning teams of Beach Olympics, teams were briefed about the Creative Putting Challenge. The goal of the challenge is for each team to design a structure of a putting golf hole with a list of materials provided. The added difficulty of the challenge was for teams to follow a set of guidelines in the creation process such as including moving parts, ‘the invisible ball’ and an elevated structure from the ground for about 30 cm. Teams had to also choose a theme for their golf hole design which is famous world landmarks. Some of the magnificent putting golf hole were built according to structures like The Great Wall of China, Marina Bay Sands, The Golden Gate Bridge and The Leaning Tower of Pisa. After creating and building these golf holes, employees had a chance to test the playability of their golf holes and practise their golf skills as well.

Brentag & Jambar Team Building

Employees headed to a nice BBQ Dinner where everyone had the chance to unwind from the long day and connect with each other on a more casual note. It was also then that Jambar Team Building received feedback from about the day. Employees from this Singapore branch of the world’s leading chemical distribution company had a great time participating in Beach Olympics and the Creative Putting Challenge! The activities were fun, appealing and stimulating. It was a day well spent getting to know their co-workers better and participating in refreshing team building activities.

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