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Jambar team


Change it Up

Set in the historical times of Singapura, you and your team have to trade and gain the necessary materials needed to survive. With different factions of different social classes, who will you choose to work with in order to thrive in the society?

Virus Challenge team building


Virus Challenge

As Singapore gets infected with a deadly virus, you and your team have to come together to find a cure using limited resources before it gets too late!

Values team building


The Values Game

Game-based thinking for developing and understanding of how employees uphold company’s value in their daily working life

The Entrepreneur Challenge team building


The Entrepreneurs Challenge

Together with your team, design and implement a business plan that ultimately translates into the most profitable business in order to emerge as the winner.

team bonding singapore



Deadline is a strategy game that helps teams to plan the procurement, transportation and production process. This has been crafted for teams who wish to Master the whole supply chain.

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