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A Major International Swiss Bank Takes on Jambar Team Building’s Wild Goats Challenge

Jambar Team Building is proud to announce the addition of a major international Swiss bank to Jambar’s list of clients who have completed the Wild Goats Challenge. 12th February 2014 at Clarke Quay, Singapore— Fifty-six employees from a major international Swiss bank gathered at Clarke Quay to partake in the Wild Goats Challenge. Pioneered by […]

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore Successfully Completes Jambar’s Creative Putting Challenge

Jambar Team Building is pleased to congratulate the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore on their successful completion of the Creative Putting Challenge. Friday, 7th February 2014, at the Changi Airport Recreation Club— Jambar Team Building, Singapore’s premiere team building consultants, has a panoply of programmes available, all designed to satisfy a client’s team building needs. […]

Jambar Team Building Delivers an Extraordinary Team Building Event for FOX International

Jambar Team Building and FOX International Channels Together for the First Time Jambar Team Building is pleased to announce its premiere collaboration with FOX International Channels at the Port of Lost Wonder, Sentosa Port of Lost Wonder, Sentosa January 17, 2014— Jambar Team building has successfully organised team building events for many prominent clients in […]

Let’s Talk Over Coffee #1

Hi! I’m Karynne, from Jambar Team Building. We deliver innovative Team Building activities for whatever event that you envision. We would like to engage you further by providing weekly tips on team building and other related information. To start off, let me share with you some tips to work more happily with your colleagues. Firstly, […]

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs   All humans have a basic set of needs that they have to satisfy in order to survive. These needs go beyond just ‘food, water, and oxygen’, to encompass other needs which include psychological and emotional needs. Having one’s needs satisfied is of utmost importance, because a deficiency in any […]

Jambar Team Building Delivers an Innovative Team Building Event for a Singapore Branch of an International Chemical Distribution Company

On Friday 6th December, 49 enthusiastic employees filled with team spirit, dressed in matching company attire showed up at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort for a day of Beach Olympics and The Creative Putting Challenge organized by Jambar Team Building. It was a sunny and breezy morning, employees were gathered and hyped up for fun and […]

Jambar Team Building Impacts the Team of a Leading International Technology Provider in Singapore

On Thursday 28th November, a total of 72 employees were gathered and hyped up for an afternoon of fun-filled collaborative activities in Sentosa with Jambar Team Building. The event started out with “The Running Man” challenge. Sounds familiar? Jambar Team Building adapted the challenge from the popular Korean television show for our clients to experience […]

Article #02 Salary and Motivation

There is no discussion about the fact that a motivated person is a more productive one. More motivation leads to more work, more learning, more quality and more speed in building experience and competence. As a traditional employer, employee motivation was something to be bought with a higher salary, quick, easy and without the need […]

Article #1: Ice Breakers – Speed Dating Style.

Three fun, fast, informal team building ice breakers anyone can commit to memory. What’s the relationship to speed-dating? Speed-dating is a fun and efficient way for a group of people to rapidly interact with each other . The informal, and perhaps even absurd, nature of the speed-dating environment, combined with the time pressure of the […]